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ATM Services


Introduction to services


  • There are different limits on different transfer methods. The limit for each transfer method is as follows:
    • Non-designated transfer: The limit of NT$30,000 per transaction/day is shared by all channels (including ATM, WebATM, and MOD).
    • Transfers to designated accounts: Limited to NT$2 million per day.
  • The limit on each transfer method is not affected by other transfer methods (e.g. if you used WebATM to transfer NT$30,000, the limit on transfers to designated accounts is still NT$2 million), so you can transfer a total of NT$2,030,000 a day.
  • 00:00 is the time for crossing over to a different day.


The limit on a single transaction is NT$50,000 when using certain ATM's of the Bank, the limit on inter-bank withdrawal on an ATM is NT$20,000, and the daily limit on withdrawals is NT$150,000.

Fee/Tax payment by account transfer

  • Payment for virtual accounts: Go to an E.SUN Bank ATM to enter the "financial institution code," "virtual account," and amount to complete payment.
  • Pay various taxes: Go to an E.SUN Bank ATM to enter the "Type of tax payment," "Agency code," "ID card number or unified business number," and amount to complete payment.
  • Pay E.SUN Bank credit card bill: Go to an E.SUN Bank ATM to enter the "credit card number" or "ID card number of cardholder" and amount to complete payment.
    • Payment of fees and taxes using the same account limited to NT$2 million per day.
    • Set automatic direct debit on an ATM and credit card fees will be automatically debited on the payment deadline.

Report lost ATM card

    Loss reporting method is as follows:

    • Log into the PC version of personal Internet banking: Select "Personal settings and services → Loss reporting and function settings → Other loss reporting."
    • Call the customer service center (02)2182-1313 or 0800-30-1313 (limited to landlines) #231 to report a lost debit card.
    • Adults over the age of 20 must bring their original ID card and original authorized seal to the nearest branch during business hours for reissuance; handling fee is NT$100 per card; minors should follow regulations for incidents involving minors.