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Home Mortgage Loans

3 simple steps, 3 minutes, free online calculator.
Apply for a loan online at any time!


Loan process


Step1 Application

Select a suitable mortgage product based on individual or family financial needs. Submit your mortgage application online or at the branch counter.

Documents upload

Step2 Documents upload

  • Documents can be uploaded to the online Progress Inquiry/Upload Document platform or provide authorization through My Data.
  • You can check the application progress online.
Contract signing

Step3 Contract signing

  • On the day when the contract is signed, the specialist will help the borrower go through the account opening procedures, which will be used as an account for future allocations and payments.
  • Existing mortgage customers in E.SUN can sign a contract online if they meet certain conditions to increase their original loan limit.
Receive funds

Step4 Receive funds

Before disbursing a mortgage, the bank will help the customer confirm whether the real estate is insured for residential fire and earthquake insurance. After the agent notifies the bank of the confirmed delivery time, a dedicated person will confirm the disbursement with the customer by phone on the day of disbursement.


Do you encounter any problems during the mortgage application process?

We provide online dedicated consultation services to answer your questions and help you start your loan application journey.


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