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Foreign currency ATMs


Currency withdrawal

Product features

  • Zero time difference in foreign exchange settlement when traveling overseas, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Debit cards issued in Taiwan can all be used to withdraw foreign currency cash from the Bank's foreign currency ATM
  • Enjoy preferential handling fees, and cards issued by the Bank will enjoy preferential exchange rates

Currency and denominations of withdrawal

USD 100 JPY 10,000 HKD 500 CNY 100

ATM discounts

  • Event period: From now until 2024/12/31
  • The foreign currency withdraw fee through E Sun’s foreign currency account is the foreign amount× latest difference in exchange rate( E.Sun’s foreign currency spot exchange rate deduct cash exchange rate)×0.9 and the minimum charge is NT$100 .
  • Foreign exchange fees are waived for withdrawals from an E.SUN Bank NTD account, and the following discounts on E.SUN's board exchange rate will be provided: USD0.05, JPY0.001, HKD0.02 and RMB0.02.
  • Foreign exchange fees will not be charged on withdrawals from NTD accounts opened at other banks, and customers only need to pay an interbank withdrawal fee of NT$5 per transaction.

Application procedures

How to apply

  • Use your IC ATM card to withdraw foreign currency cash from a NTD/foreign currency account from a foreign exchange ATM.
  • You need to apply for the designated withdrawal function via Internet banking, mobile banking, or at the counter to make withdrawals from a foreign currency account at E.SUN Bank.
  • Designate Debit Card for Mobile Banking


  • The bills available in foreign currency ATMs depends on each branch, please ask the service location.
  • Handling fees of foreign currency ATMs cannot be paid using the overdraft limit.
  • Exchange rate calculation:
    When making a withdrawal from an NTD account during business hours, the Bank's spot ask rate will be used for calculation; withdrawals during holidays or after the Taipei Foreign Exchange Market closes will be calculated at the final spot ask rate at E.SUN Bank on the previous business day. In the event of severe volatility in the international foreign exchange market, the exchange rate used for withdrawals from a foreign currency ATM will be adjusted after referencing the volatility of other currencies.
  • Withdrawal limit:
    • The Bank's ATM cards: The limit on a single withdrawal is the equivalent of NT$50,000 in foreign currency or up to 50 bills(Note: For some ATMs, the limit on a single withdrawal is the equivalent of NT$30,000 or up to 40 bills.) The daily account limit is the equivalent of NT$150,000, which includes TWD cash withdrawals, foreign currency cash withdrawals, and debit card transactions (shared with the limit on overseas withdrawals/domestic and overseas Smart Pay).
    • Other debit cards: The interbank withdrawal limit is the equivalent of NT$20,000 in foreign currency. The daily account limit is to be specified by the card issuing financial institutions.
  • If you need EUR in cash, please contact any service location; if you need AUD, GBP, or CAD in cash, please contact a specific service location.