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Personal Relief Package



Payment extension plan: You could apply for payment deferral by 3 to 6 months, and we would not charge you the penalty and revolving credit interest during the period.


Eligibility: If you’re having financial needs or trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Applicant: Customers who have taken out the mortgages from the Bank.


Application period: From now until December 31, 2023.


Application documents:

  • Certificate of diagnosis issued by a hospital.
  • Certification documents of the impact of the pandemic (home isolation/quarantine notice, unemployment, unpaid leave, or unable to return to Taiwan from region under lockdown, etc.).
  • Other documents to prove the impact of the pandemic.



  • Please prepare documents of isolation notice.
  • After the grace period, you would bear a greater burden each month, as paying for the principal plus interests.
  • Find a branch service number nearby, and please call us for more details. You could also send us a message online.
  • (You could leave a message, and select "Loan business - Mortgage (including relief package/payment extension)" below to get a quick response.)

    You can also call the customer service center: (02)2182-1313 or 0800-30-1313.

Labor relief package

※ The Ministry of Labor has subsidized the increase in interest rates for the loans to lift the burden on laborers since March 27, 2024 (the interest rate paid by customers remained at 1.845%). The interest rate policy and subsidy policy as mentioned above are developed by the competent authority. Please repay the loan notified by the Bank.

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4. How do I make payment each month?

5. Can I repay or pay off the loan early?

6. How do I pay off the labor relief loan early?

7. Will I have a bad credit score if I have any late payments?

8. Can I apply for the payment extension for my labor relief loan?

Loan management services

Please click on the "Loan Management Center" to learn more details.