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Inter-bank deposit


Introduction to services

Product features

  • Customers can bring their IC ATM card to an E.SUN Bank ATM that provides deposit services to deposit cash into an account at another bank.
  • Inter-bank deposit transactions is a 24-hour service that is not limited by business hours.

How to use?

Step1. Select deposit

Step2. Select deposit into other account


Enter the financial institution code, account number, and mobile phone number


Put the bills in and verify the deposit information again

Step5. Transaction completed

Handling fees and limit

Inter-bank handling fees

  • Handling fees are deducted from the amount deposited.
  • The amount credited to the payee's account is the amount after deducing handling fees.
  • (For example: Deposit NT$10,000 – NT$15 handling fee = NT$$9,985 actual amount deposited)

Limit on inter-bank deposit

  • The maximum amount that can be deposited into an account at another bank when using the IC ATM card of any bank is NT$30,000 per transaction/day.
  • The maximum amount that can be deposited into the account of the IC ATM card issued by another bank used for the current transaction is NT$200,000 per transaction/day.


    • IC ATM cards issued by banks that joined the interbank remittance service of the Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. can all be used for interbank deposit at the Bank's ATMs with the deposit function.
    • bands, etc. inside when putting in bills, otherwise the deposit might not be credited to the account. The maximum number of bills that can be deposited each time is 200. Please neatly organize the bills before putting them in.