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Safe deposit box service


Product features

Provides safe and reliable safe deposit box rental services that fully compliant with your requirements:

  • Around-the-clock CCTV system and complete set of electronic control security measures.
  • Explosion-proof, fire-proof, shock-proof, impregnable hardware equipment.
  • Fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, explosion insurance, robbery insurance, and theft insurance provided free of charge for the safe deposit box you rent.
  • Welcome to first call a branch that provides safe deposit boxes, and ask about required documents and the terms and conditions for renting a safe deposit box.

Service application

  • Application qualifications: The renter must be at least 20 years old, specify a contact person, and bring ID card and seal to a branch to fill out the safety deposit box rental agreement.
  • Payment method: The rental period is six months; rent and security deposit are paid.

Collect key

  • Box opening: Business hours (09:00-15:30 Monday thur Friday), fill out a box opening record form and affix the original authorized seal, and enter the vault accompanied by management personnel.
  • Renewal: Pay the rent for renewal before the rental period expires to continue using the safe deposit box.
  • Termination: Fill out a termination application form, empty your safe deposit box, return the key, and collect your security deposit using the original receipt.

Safe deposit box dimensions and price

Please see the announcement for prices and dimensions of the Bank's safe deposit boxes.