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About E.SUN

E.SUN Bank is named after Mt. Jade, the highest peak in Taiwan. Inspired by Mt. Jade’s magnificence and glamour, E.SUN Bank is committed to becoming the best bank and top choice of customers.

A Different Kind of Bank


The Banker's Bank


Leading in Excellence - Yung-Jen Huang

Yung-Jen Huang, the founder of E.SUN FHC and E.SUN Commercial Bank, is a knowledgeable and skilled banker with a strong leadership vision. He is widely recognized for his dedication to talent development as a lifelong sower and volunteer of E.SUN Mr. Huang is known as a passionate and selfless mentor, cultivating talents in the financial services industry. He is an outstanding leader with an international mindset and macro perspective, laying a crucial foundation for the succession of professional managers in E.SUN. His dedication to the financial services industry has won him the National Quality Award – the highest honor in Taiwan for individual excellence. He is also the recipient of the first Special Contribution Award for individuals from the Taiwan Banking and Finance Best Practice Awards, and the Kwol-Ting Li Management Medal.

Pioneering New Frontiers - Joseph N.C. Huang

Joseph N.C. Huang, Chairman of E.SUN FHC and E.SUN Commercial Bank, is committed to making E.SUN the best bank in Taiwan with his professional, passionate and persistent leadership. He leads E.SUN in its pursuit of excellence by cultivating in local market, expansion in Asia and development in innovation. Under his management, E.SUN was included in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. Joseph himself has received several awards and recognitions, including Best CEO in Asia Pacific from The Asian Banker, Best CEO in Asia from The Asset, and Best CEO in Taiwan from The Institutional Investor.


An Expert at the Helm - Mao-Chin Chen

Mao-Chin Chen, President of E.SUN FHC, is equipped with financial professionals, interdisciplinary thinking, and profound experience in cross-border management. He has the mental agility and vision required to see through the internal and external environments and deploy strategy with a group of like-minded financial professionals. Under his leadership, E.SUN Bank has been awarded the best bank for times, and received the Best ESG Company in Asia from the Asset, and top-rated ESG company in regional and industry from Sustainalytics.

Excelling at Business – Lung-Cheng Lin

Lung-Cheng Lin, President of E.SUN Commercial Bank, has a forward-looking perspective and professional financial expertise. With both outstanding strategic planning and execution abilities, he has surpassed many goals along with the teams and aims to lead the organization toward its long-term vision. Under his management, E.SUN received SME Partner Award for times (MOEA, Credit Guarantee Fund), Best Corporate Banking Award in the TAB, and Best SME Bank and Best Corporate Bank in Taiwan from Asiamoney.


E.SUN Bank’s Management Philosophy and Corporate Culture

The sustainable growth of E.SUN is built on 3 pillars: institutionalized management, talent development and information technology.



Our business philosophy is represented by the acronym E.S.B, which stands for Expertise, Service, and Business. We strive to cultivate the most professional talents and provide the best service to our customers.


At E.SUN, we embrace a culture of "Integrity, Strength, and Responsibility," "Teamwork, Harmony, and Happiness," "Leadership, Excellence, and Honor," and "Gratitude, Cherish, and Blessing." This culture serves as the guiding principle for our staff's values and approach to life, and it is the foundation of our brand, services, and team.

Our Vision

1. To be the model of the financial industry and the benchmark of the service industry.
2. E.SUN's employees become world-class citizens, and E.SUN becomes a world-class corporate citizen.
3. To be Taiwan's E.SUN and the world's E.SUN.

Roots in Taiwan, Eyes on Asia

E.SUN has long dedicated itself to prudent management, exceptional services, and a professional corporate image, elevating the financial and service industries in Taiwan. In the fourth decade of our journey, we are determined to be the leader in financial innovation, keeping our root in Taiwan while expanding across Asia, offering warm and memorable services, and becoming the favorite of our employees, customers, and the society.


Creating a brighter future

We uphold core values like sincerity, honesty, professionalism, and responsibility to actively shape the future. Our sustainable management philosophy combines growth with innovation, staying true to our original intentions.


Sustainable leadership

Our culture of mentorship ensures sustainability in leadership. The executive teams selflessly cultivate talents throughout the organization, ensuring the core value is shared and understood by all employees.