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ESG Sustainable Finance

Banking for Better

A better Taiwan to the World

Unleashing the Influence of Finance

As the finance sector manages funds from public, we are able to channel funds properly to the requisites for building a better homeland, thereby unleashing the influence of finance to move society towards sustainability. This is E.SUN’s mission, responsibility, and the indefinite belief since we born in 1992.

Collaborating to Secure a Sustainable Future

By combining sustainability and financial professionalism, E.SUN provides sustainable financial products and services to businesses and individuals, helping them transition to sustainability, from profits, competitiveness, to influence, thereby becoming their best sustainability partner. Let’s create a sustainable future by making actual changes and pooling virtuous values.

Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Sustainability as a Service: Striving towards 2050 Net Zero


Sustainable Living

We develop diverse sustainable financial products and encourage customers to take sustainability actions through daily consumption and investment.

Corporate Sustainability Academy

Climate change is a major global concern, and carbon emission is an inescapable challenge for companies.


Honors and Recognitions

Consistently aligning with international standards, progressing towards sustainability

Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)

Selected as a component of DJSI for 9 straight years
Ranked 1% in Bank industry (2022)

MSCI ESG Ratings

Upgrading to AAA, the highest level attainable (2022)

Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings

Selected as “ESG Industry Top Rated” again (2021-2022)


Selected as a component of FTSE4Good Emerging Index for 6 straight years (2017-2022)

Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit

Products featuring a zero-interest installment plan: zero handling fees and zero annual percentage rates. Revolving credit rate: 5.88%-15%(determined by your credit score from the Bank; base date: September 1 2015) Service charges for cash advance (based on the cash advance settlement currency): the amount of cash advance x3.5%+(NTD 100/USD 3.5/JPY 350/EUR 2.5). Other relevant rates shall be announced on the Bank's website and application form.