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Foreign Currency Cash


Trade foreign currency cash

Product features

We provide the following cash withdrawal services. You can withdraw cash at the counter or an ATM at the Bank's service locations.

  • You can still buy and sell foreign currency cash if you are not a depositor of the Bank.
  • If you have any unused foreign currency cash, you can exchange it back to NTD at E.SUN Bank.
  • Foreign currency ATMs only provide USD, JPY, RMB, and HKD (some ATMs) cash withdrawal services. You will need to make a withdrawal at the counter of the Bank's service locations for other currencies.

Currency and denominations of cash

Currency   USD   EUR   HKD   JPY
Denomination 1、5、10、20、50、100 5、10、50、100 100、500、1,000 1,000、5,000、10,000

Currency   CNY   AUD[note]   GBP[note]   CAD[note]
Denomination 100 10、50 10、50 10、50

[Note]AUD, GBP, and CAD cash is only provided at the counter of some branches.

How to apply

  • At the counter: Please bring identification documents to a business location of E.SUN Bank.
  • ATM: Use your IC ATM card to withdraw foreign currency cash from a NTD/foreign currency account from a foreign exchange ATM.


  • Exchange of damaged/stained banknotes or some old version USD banknotes (see the table below for definitions)
    Foreign currency cash is not a domestic currency, the collection method (collection fee is charged based on the Bank's fee schedule) is used for damaged/stained banknotes and some old version USD banknotes. If the foreign currency cash merchant bank authenticates the banknotes, it will take approximately 4-6 months from the time the banknotes are collected until your account is credited. The actual amount credited will be based on the amount exchanged and paid by the foreign currency cash merchant bank.
  • Currencies not in circulation worldwide
    Some countries have stricter rules for the sale of banknotes, and foreign banks may reject banknotes sold back to them. The Bank will need to ask if the foreign currency cash merchant bank accepts the banknotes on a case by case basis. If the response is that the banknotes can be accepted, the collection method will be used, and the handling method, fee schedule, and actual amount credited will be same as the preceding paragraph.
  • Damaged and stained banknotes, some old version USD banknotes, and banknotes not in circulation worldwide need to be sold by the foreign currency cash merchant bank back to the foreign bank. Some countries have stricter rules for the sale of banknotes, and foreign banks may reject banknotes sold back to them. Hence, the Bank has the right to charge a handling fee or reject banknotes based on the actual situation.
  • Definition of old version USD banknotes
    Small head version 1996 Version 1999 Version B 2001 Version CB 2003 Version DB, DD, DH and 2003A Version F 2006 Version H and 2006A Version K

    ※ The definition of old version U.S. banknotes will be adjusted irregularly by our bank based on relevant notification messages. For the latest exchange information, please contact our branches.

  • Due to the different scale or region of some branches, the currencies provided are somewhat different. Please call the service location first before purchase. If you cannot withdraw foreign currency cash at the counter during business hours, you can also withdraw foreign currency cash from a foreign currency ATM.
  • The competent authority has restricted purchases of RMB currency to no more than RMB20,000 per person per purchase; there is no limit on corporate accounts.
  • For foreign exchange transactions reaching the equivalent of NT$500,000 or higher, fill out a Declaration Statement of Foreign Exchange Receipts and Disbursements or Transactions, and comply with regulations of the competent authority.

Here are a few simple methods to ensure that you will be able pay for expenses while traveling overseas, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip.

  • Carry some cash in the local currency.
    When you arrive, you can pay for transportation from the airport to where you will be staying, and will not need to spend time searching for a place to exchange currency.
  • Carry a traveler's check and credit cards. Credit Card Application
    If you need to make large payments while traveling, such as paying for accommodations, it is safer to use a traveler's check or credit card than to use cash.
  • Verify that you have enabled the international withdrawal function of your IC ATM card, and set the 4-digit password for your magnetic stripe.
    If you have urgent need for local cash, you can use your IC ATM card to withdraw local currency from a local ATM.
  • Verify that your travel safety is protected.
    To travel without any worries, you need travel insurance.
  • Verify that your Internet banking and mobile banking have enabled the transfer function.
    Make arrangements in advance to pay your bills or use Internet banking to pay bills on the spot.
  • Spend all of your spare change.
    This is because banks do not accept foreign currency coins. We recommend that you use your coins to buy snacks at the airport and keep the banknotes to exchange them back to NTD at E.SUN Bank when you return.


Service description

Counters of the Bank's service locations provide foreign currency cash: USD, EUR, HKD, JPY, and RMB; other currencies: Locations for AUD, GBP, and CAD are as follows. The currencies and denominations actually provided by service locations may vary. Please call service locations in advance.

Branch Currency
Keelung Branch
Zhongshan Branch
Jiancheng Branch
Taipei Branch
Business Department
Minsheng Branch
Changchun Branch
Heping Branch
Guting Branch
Dongmen Branch
Zhonglun Branch
Dunnan Branch
Renai Branch
Daan Branch
Xinyi Branch
Nanjing East Road Branch
Chenggong Branch
Zhongxiao Branch
Xindian Branch
Shuanghe Branch
Liancheng Branch
Puqian Branch
Xinbantequ Branch
South Tucheng Branch
Sanchong Branch
Wugu Branch
Xinzhuang Branch
Shulin Branch
Xinzhuangfuduxin Branch
Huilong Branch
East Linkou Branch
Zhongli Branch
Taoyuan Branch
Lixin Branch
Nankan Branch
Taoying Branch
Yiwen Branch
Zhongyuan Branch
Hsinchu Branch
Xinfeng Branch
Zhuke Branch
Zhunan Branch
Wenxin Branch
Dadun Branch
Daya Branch
Xitun Branch
Taichung Branch
Dali Branch
Nantun Branch
Wuri Branch
Caotun Branch
Changhua Branch
Yuanlin Branch
Chiayi Branch
Tainan Branch
East Tainan Branch
Jinhua Branch
Yanhang Branch
Qixian Branch
North Kaohsiung Branch
Zuoying Branch
Chengqing Branch
Kaohsiung Branch
Xiaogang Branch
Houzhuang Branch
Luodong Branch


  • AUD, GBP, and CAD cash services are only provided at the counter (excluding foreign currency ATMs), and limited to the foreign currency cash that can be exchanged at each branch. Some branches may have limitations on foreign currency exchange due to their scale or region.
  • Fees will be collected according to the Bank's fee schedule.
  • The 1.5% overseas transaction service fee is waived.
  • For transfers of the equivalent of NT$500,000 or higher, please proceed by following the Regulations Governing the Declaration of Foreign Exchange Receipts and Disbursements or Transactions.