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Reverse Mortgage

Transform your real estate into flexible financing and ensure your retirement


Service description


  • Reverse mortgage is a type of loan that when you provide your real estate as security to a bank, the bank makes monthly payments to you, typically to supplement retirement income.
  • Receive monthly payments and pay the principal only when the loan is due, you can be carefree about daily expenses.

Loan program

Applicability: Natural persons who are citizens of the R.O.C., 60 years old and above, have a normal credit record, and have the capacity to make juridical acts.


Loan amount: In principle, the credit limit is 60% of the appraised value of the house.


Loan interest rate: One-step interest rate starting at 2.24% and interest accruing according to the adjustable rate for consumer loans.


Loan period: Up to 30 years (Age plus the loan period ≧90, house age plus loan period ≦60).


Payment method: Monthly payment.


Collateral: Complete building and its site independently owned by the borrower.


Fees: NT$5,000 per transaction.


Repayment method: Interest on the loan is paid on a monthly basis, the limit on interest is 30% the amount of principal paid each month, and interest not paid in full must be paid in a lump sum when the loan is due or terminated.


Annual percentage rate

    Loan amount: NT$2,000,000, loan period: 20 years, loan interest rate: One-step interest rate starting at 2.45%, total fees: NT$5,000, annual percentage rate: Starting at 2.48%.

    • Annual percentage rate disclosed herein have been calculated by using the calculation formula provided by the competent authority. The loan terms may be subject to each loan, and the actual annual percentage rate may also differ among customers depending on loan products as well as credit terms granted.
    • Annual percentage rate is not the same as loan interest rate.
    • The annual percentage rate base date is according to the date that the Bank's adjustable rate for consumer loans. It was adjusted after this program became applicable. Please see the description of adjustable rates for consumer loans on the Bank's official website (The current base date is May 22, 2023).


  • A legal heir or third party (only when there is no legal heir) must be provided as the obligor for receiving notifications related to this loan, and they must jointly complete attorney consultation and confirmation procedures.
  • An attorney must be appointed to provide professional consultation and related services before confirmation, and related expenses shall be borne by the borrower.
  • The bank has not engaged any agencies for the sale of loan products. Please be wary if anyone claims to be so.
  • The use of illegal or unauthorized links to this website for Internet marketing is prohibited.
  • The Bank reserves the right to approve or reject loan applications, and the right to determine the final loan amount, interest rate, and lending terms. Please see our latest announcement.
  • Real estate mortgage loans shall be handled in accordance with the Regulations Governing Real Estate Mortgage Loan by Financial Institutions.


1. What is a reverse mortgage?


2. Will the bank become the owner of my real estate after applying for this loan?


3. Will the payments stop once the borrower passes away?

Inquiry hotline

If you wish to apply for a reverse mortgage, please provide your contact information and we will contact you.


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