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Housing loans

The government helps you realize your dreams of buying a house, forming a family ,and improving the quality of living in old houses.


Pursuant to Letter (Nei-Shou-Ying-Cai-Zi No. 11108181191) from the Ministry of the Interior, the interest rate on housing loans was raised 0.125% in response to Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. raising the interest rate on two-year time deposits by 0.125% on September 28, 2022. The government increased the interest subsidy for the 0.125% increase in interest rate starting on March 23, 2022 to lift the burden of interest on citizens, and will continue to provide the subsidy until the end of this year. The increased subsidy will be canceled in 2023 and the increase in interest will be borne by borrowers. Subsequent changes to interest rate and the subsidy policy shall be based on letters from the competent authority.

Service description


Borrowers who have obtained a "Certificate of housing loan interest subsidy" or "Certificate of house renovation loan interest subsidy" issued by the special municipality or county (city) competent authority, and has not exceeded the loan application and disbursement period.

What are housing loans?

Housing loan interest subsidies are provided to help middle and low income households or households that purchased a house and applied for a loan in the past 2 years. The applicant must first submit an application to the government for review and approval, and then purchase a house and apply for a loan from a financial institution. The government will then subsidize a portion of the interest on the loan to lift the burden on the applicant. See the latest announcement of the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior for FAQ on housing subsidies.

Loan program

Loan amount:

  • House purchase: Up to NT$2.5 million in Taipei City, up to NT$2.3 million in New Taipei City, and up to NT$2.1 million other counties and cities.
  • House renovation: Up to NT$800,000.
  • Other mortgage programs of the Bank may be used for the portion that exceeds the limit.

Interest rate:

  • Category 1 Interest calculated using I - Floating rate of 0.533%.
  • Category 2 Interest calculated using I + Floating rate of 0.042%.
  • “I” denotes the floating rate of Chunghwa Post Co. Ltd. for 2-year time deposits under NT$5 million.

Loan period:

  • House purchase: Up to 20 years (grace period of up to 5 years).
  • House renovation: Up to 15 years (grace period of up to 3 years).

Fees: May be waived.

Penalty for early repayment: May be waived (if other mortgage programs are also used, then the penalty will be handled according to rules of the other mortgage programs).


  • Category 1 customers: family members must meet one of the following conditions:
    • Low income household or middle-low-income household
    • Family in hardship
    • Has 3 or more underage children (Limited to applicants)
    • Unable to return home after being in a residential institution or foster home and under the age of 25 (limited to the applicant)
    • Age 65 and above (Limited to applicants)
    • Victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and their children
    • Persons with disabilities
    • Infected with HIV or has AIDS
    • Indigenous people
    • Disaster victim
    • Homeless person
  • Category 2 customers: Family members do not meet the criteria in Category 1.

Annual percentage rate

    Loan amount: NT$2,200,000.
    Loan period: 20 years.
    Interest rate: 0.937%~1.512%.
    Total fees: NT$0.
    Annual percentage rate: 0.94%~1.51%.

    • Annual percentage rate disclosed herein have been calculated by using the calculation formula provided by the competent authority. The loan terms may be subject to each loan, and the actual annual percentage rate may also differ among customers depending on loan products as well as credit terms granted.
    • Annual percentage rate is not the same as loan interest rate.
    • Base date for calculation of annual percentage rate is March 29, 2023.


  • A loan agreement must be signed within one year after obtaining the subsidy certificate for a house purchase. Disbursement procedures must be completed within two months after the agreement is signed, and the loan must be disbursed in a lump sum. The loan will not be approved if procedures are not completed within the time limit.
  • House renovation:
    • Disbursement procedures must be completed within six months after the subsidy certificate is obtained. The loan will not be approved if procedures are not completed within the time limit.
    • Housing renovation must be completed within six months after the disbursement date, and the borrower must provide photos of the house before and after renovation to the Bank for future reference.
  • See the latest announcement of the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior for related information on housing subsidies.
  • E.SUN Bank has not cooperate with any agencies for the loan business. Please be wary if anyone claims to be so.
  • The use of illegal or unauthorized links to this website for Internet marketing is prohibited.
  • The Bank reserves the right to approve or reject loan applications, and the right to determine the final loan amount, interest rate, and lending terms. Please see our latest announcement.

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