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Revolving Credit Loan Calculator

How much is my revolving loan payment next period?

Reminder! Calculated figures are based on 365 days, and are for reference only.
Actual loan payment amounts are determined by your bank’s product specifications.

Please enter a number between 1-200,000
Please enter a number between 1-31
Please enter interest rate


Minimum principal payment due this period is TWD

Interest due this period is TWD

*Calculations are for reference only, and may not be equal to actual loan figures.

Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit

Products featuring a zero-interest installment plan: zero handling fees and zero annual percentage rates. Revolving credit rate: 5.88%-15%(determined by your credit score from the Bank; base date: September 1 2015) Service charges for cash advance (based on the cash advance settlement currency): the amount of cash advance x3.5%+(NTD 100/USD 3.5/JPY 350/EUR 2.5). Other relevant rates shall be announced on the Bank's website and application form.