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Fees and services


Credit card fees and interest rates

Revolving interest

Depending on the cardholder's transactions and payment situation, as well as the cardholder's credit at all banks, the Bank sets different levels of credit risk based on the rating assessed by the credit rating system, while considering funds and operating costs (including operating profits). The applicable revolving credit interest rate is determined for the cardholder on this basis, and is set based on the system rating every three months.

  • The Bank's credit card interest rate is divided into 10 levels, the highest is 15%, as shown below:
    • Card type: General Card
    • Interest rate levels: 10 levels
    • Revolving credit interest rates for each level: 5.88%, 7.88%, 8.88%, 9.88%, 10.88%, 11.88%, 12.88%, 13.88%, 14.88%, 15%

※ If there are special situations, adjusted based on the situation of the individual case.

  • Revolving interest calculation method
    Revolving interest = Interest amount (including amount spent, cash advance) × number of days counted (installment payments start from the day after the payment due date, and other items start from the the posting date on your billing statement) × credit card interest rate, example:
    • Your settlement date is the 3rd of each month, you spent ¥50,000 on April 19, for which the Bank made an advance payment on May 1 (the posting date on your billing statement), and spent NT$5,000 on April 20, for which the Bank made an advance payment on May 2 (the posting date on your billing statement).
    • The payment due date on the statement is May 18.
    • If you paid ¥20,000 and NT$2,000 before May 18, then your revolving interest in June will be:
      • JPY revolving interest: (¥50,000 - ¥20,000) × (33 days from 5/1 to 6/2) × (15%/365) = ¥30,000 × 33 × 0.00041 = ¥406
      • NTD revolving interest: (NT$5,000 - NT$2,000) × (32 days from 5/2 to 6/2) × (15%/365) = NT$3,000×32×0.00041 = NT$39

    ※ After paying the minimum payment, the balance is less than NT$1,000/US$35/¥3,500/€25, so the revolving interest is not collected on the settlement date.

Default Penalty

If the cardholder fails to pay the minimum payment before the payment due date each month, or makes payment after the payment due date, he/she shall pay revolving interest according to the agreement, and agree that E.SUN Bank may charge a default penalty based on the billing cycle, which is calculated as follows:

逾期繳款期數 逾期繳款違約金
 逾期繳款達1期者 300元
 逾期繳款達2期者 400元
 逾期繳款達3期者 500元
  • The maximum consecutive default penalty charge to be collected at one stretch is capped at three billing cycles. If payment is made by the due date during that period, the count of consecutive default penalties shall be reset.
  • Default penalty is waived under the following circumstances: The minimum payment due for the cycle is less than NT$1,000/US$35/¥3,500/€25 (different currencies shall be calculated separately per the agreement).

Cash Advance Handling Fee

The handling fee is 3.5% of the cash advance amount plus NT$1,00/US$.35/¥350/€2.5 (different currencies shall be calculated separately per the agreement).

Sales draft retrieval charges

The Bank collects a handling fee for retrieving sales draft copies. NT$50 shall be collected for each copy of domestic sales draft, and NT$100 shall be collected for each copy of overseas sales draft. (if the sales draft of a purchase proves to have been made by an impostor, the retrieval handling fee shall be absorbed by the Bank).

Overseas Transaction Service Fee

All of the cardholder's credit card bills shall be settled in NTD or the designated foreign currency. If a transaction (including online transactions) is made in foreign currency, or if it is conducted overseas in NTD (including overseas designated merchants or online transactions), the cardholder authorizes E. SUN Bank to directly covert it to NTD or the designated foreign currency for settlement, based on the exchange rate on the foreign exchange settlement day stipulated by each international credit card organization. The cardholder agrees to an additional overseas transaction service fee of 1.3% to 1.5% of the amount of each transaction (in particular, 0.8% to 1% of the fee goes to each international credit card organization. For the latest overseas transaction service fees charged by different international credit card organizations, please see the table below.)

國際組織品牌 手續費率
VISA 1.5%
MasterCard 1.5% 1.5%
JCB 1.5% 1.5%

※Reminder: When making a transaction (including overseas designated merchants of the acquiring bank or online transactions), many stores use DCC for settlement, which allows you to use NTD for credit card payment. However, DCC transactions must go through the international settlement mechanism, so an additional 1.3%-1.5% overseas transaction service fee will be charged.

Card Loss Report Fee & Deductible Amount

When the  credit card is lost or stolen, please call to report the loss  immediately , E.SUN Bank will bear losses from fraudulent use in the 24 hours before the loss was reported. The amount of loss borne by the cardholder due to fraudulent is limited to NT$3,000 (except for cash advance transactions). Unless a separate agreement was reached with the Bank to wave or reduce fees for loss report, the cardholder shall pay a handling fee of NT$200 for the loss report. [Cards exempt from loss report fee and deductible amount: World Card, Infinite Card, elite credit cards for doctors, Lucky Titanium card (excluding those with Easy Card function), Visa Signature card (excluding those with Easy Card function), business (precious/platinum) card, Chien-Ming Wang Platinum Card]

Service Fee for Emergency Card

Card type VISA JCB
World Card / /
Signature Business Card/Signature Card Free of Charge /
Titanium Business Card/Titanium Card / /
Precious Business Card/Precious Card / 2,000元
Platinum Business Card/Platinum Card Free of Charge 2,000元
Gold Card Free of Charge 2,000元
Classic Card 5,000元 2,000元

※MasterCard 2022/5/22起不再支援緊急替代卡服務

Annual Fee

The annual fee standard is based on the introduction of each credit card on the Bank's official website.

Reissuance and Replacement Service Fees

iCash co-branded card, EasyCard co-branded card, iPASS Card co-branded card, HappyCash co-branded card: NT$50 per card.

Other Expenses

  • If you need a certificate of satisfaction, the Bank will charge NT$200 for each certificate; if you need to reissue a reconciliation statement, reissuance of statements for the past three months is free of charge, and reissuance fee for each reconciliation statement longer than three months ago is NT$100; the processing fee for returning overpayment is NT$100 each time.
  • International arbitration processing fee: US$500 per case (to be converted to NTD based on the exchange rate on the settlement day).

Automatic bill payment

Account Services

Minimum Payment

  • Different currencies shall be calculated separately per the agreement
  • The minimum payment is the total of the following 5 items:
    • [Installment payment transactions (including cash advance and compensation transactions), mutual fund dollar cost averaging amount and credit card balance installment plan amount] × 100%
    • [Newly-added ordinary purchase amount during the current cycle] × 10%
    • [Outstanding balance that comprises non-installment plan credit card transactions from the previous cycle (including cash advance and compensation transactions) + Newly-added non-installment plan cash advance amount and compensation transactions] × 5%
    • Outstanding amount beyond the credit line + non-purchase items (such as revolving credit interest, various handling fees, annual fees and card loss report fees, etc)
    • Accumulated aggregate of outstanding minimum dues from previous cycles
  • Aggregate of (1)-(3) shall not be less than NT$1,000/US$35/¥3,500/€25)
  • General spending refers to the amount of products purchased, services received, and expenses paid using a credit card.
  • Please see the terms and conditions of the Bank's credit card agreement for details.

Settlement date and
Payment due date

The Bank completes settlement and mails statements in batches to quickly mail monthly statements to members. Your payment due date is approximately 15 days after the settlement date. The credit period is from the previous settlement date to 1 day before the current settlement date.

Reconciliation Statement

Send statement

  • Deliver statement
    The Bank mails statements in batches each month according to customers' settlement date. The settlement date and payment due date of your credit card shall be based on the dates specified by the Bank.
  • Delivery method
    • Paper statement: Your reconciliation statement will be mailed to the address you provided via ordinary mail about three work days from the following day after the settlement date.
    • Electronic/SMS statement: Sent to the e-mail/mobile phone number you provided to the Bank 1-3 workdays from the following day after the settlement date.
  • Electronic/SMS statement application method

Concerns about the Information of purchased

  • The acquiring institution is the institution that summarizes your credit card transactions and requests payment from the Bank. If you have any questions regarding a certain transaction, please notify the Bank to apply to the acquiring institution for re-examination before the payment due date of the current cycle.
  • Since sales drafts are retained by the acquiring designated merchant (the store where the purchase was made), sales draft retrieval takes a relatively long amount of time, retrieval of domestic sales drafts takes two weeks to one month, and retrieval of overseas sales drafts takes four to six weeks. If you submit an application to retrieve sales draft copies before the deadline, after confirming that you made the transaction, the Bank will collects a handling fee for retrieving sales draft copies; NT$50 for each copy of domestic sales draft and NT$100 for each copy of overseas sales draft. (If the transaction was due to reasons not attributable to the cardholder, the handling fee for retrieval of sales drafts shall be borne by the Bank.)

Channels for retrieving credit card statements free of charge

  • Internet banking: Check and resend monthly statements for the past 12 months.
  • Mobile Banking App: Check monthly statements for the past 12 months.
  • E.SUN Wallet: Check monthly statements for the past 12 months.
  • Chatbot: Check currently monthly statement and resend e-statements for the past 12 months and SMS statements for the past 7 months.
  • LINE Official Account: Check current statement.
  • Call customer services: Either inquire and resend e-statements for the past 12 months, SMS statements for the past 7 months, or paper statements for the past 3 months.

Friendly reminder for card use

Notice for card use

Card activation

  • Card activation via telephone: Please call the Bank's service hotline (02) 2182-1313 press 1 → Then press 2, and follow instructions of the IVR to activate your card.
  • Card activation via IVR: Please call the IVR at 41-1366 ext 100# (region with 6-digit phone numbers) or 412-1366 ext 100# (regions with 7-digit or 8-digit phone numbers) to activate your card. Card activation process via IVR:

Step1:Please call the IVR telephone number

Regions with 7 or 8-digit phone numbers: 412-1366 ext 100#

Step2:Enter credit card number

Credit card number (16 digits in total), please enter your credit card number and press # after you are finished.

Step3:Enter the credit card expiration date

Please enter the expiration month/year on your card, such as: If your card shows 01/13, please enter 0113#.

Step4:Please enter the card activation password (i.e., your date of birth)

Please directly enter the card activation password, and press # after you are finished. For example, if you were born on April 13, 1971, please enter 600413#.

Before use

  • After receiving your new card, please immediately check if the information on the card (e.g. English name or card number) is correct. Please complete card activation procedures after verifying the information is correct, and immediately sign the back of the card. When you are using the card for payment in the future, please sign your name the same way on the sales draft.
  • After activating and signing your name on the card, please use the card for payment at a store as soon as possible, and immediately contact the Bank if you find that the card cannot be used.
  • Do not put your credit card close to a magnet to prevent the magnetic strip from being demagnetized and render the credit card unusable.
  • Credit cards may only be used by the cardholder, please do not hand it over to others.
  • To ensure the safety of card use, please do not let other people know your card number or password.

During use

  • If the transaction amount is relatively large, the Bank's authorized personnel will verify your personal data to ensure that the transaction was made by you. Please understand and provide your cooperation because this is for the protection of your rights and interests.
  • When using your credit card for payment, do not let the store clerk take your credit card out of your sight to prevent any chance of fraudulent transaction.
  • Please check your credit cards at any time, if you found someone else used your credit card to purchased goods or the card missing, please immediately report the lost.
  • When a call is rejected by the designated merchant because its line is busy, you can ask the merchant to directly call the Bank.
  • Do not sign a blank sales draft. Only sign your name after verifying that the total amount on the sales draft is correct.
  • You can inquire the Bank about your available credit line or apply for a temporary credit line before traveling overseas, and use your credit card to make a small purchase at a domestic store to verify that the magnetic stripe is not damaged.
  • If you are asked to pay an additional service fee for the credit card payment or required to pay a minimum amount, notify the Bank and refuse to make the transaction at the designated merchant.
  • After each payment using your credit card, please retain the sales draft for verification with the credit card transaction details and reconciliation statement mailed by the Bank.
  • If the amount on the sales draft is incorrect or you want to cancel the transaction, you can ask the store to issue a sales draft with a negative amount so that the two transactions offset each other, and then issue a sales draft with the correct amount (however, if you use the offset method for a refund when you are overseas, you may still need to bear losses from exchange rate difference and international settlement). Please properly retain the stub page of the sales draft and ask the merchant for a sales return form, so that it can be used for reconciliation in the future.
  • For the convenience of cardholders and to allow them to enjoy fast transactions, if the cardholder has good credit, the Bank will provide excess authorization and if the international organization or acquiring institution encounters abnormal Internet connection when processing a transaction, it will approve the credit card transaction on behalf of the Bank instead of the Bank checking the available credit limit. Hence, the cardholder may exceed the credit line, but will still be responsible for repaying the amount in excess of the credit line.

After use

  • Your transaction details will be forwarded by the acquiring institution to the Bank in the form of a computer file, please carefully verify transactions.
  • Make payments on time to improve your personal credit and retain receipts for at least one month to protect your rights and interests.
  • Please retain sales drafts at least until the merchant requests payment, in order to prevent duplicate requests for payment.
  • When you book a hotel room with your credit card, the hotel may pre-authorize a certain amount. Please verify that the amount on the sales draft is correct before signing it when you are checking out.
  • When you shop with a credit card equipped with VISA payWave, JCB J/Speedy or Mastercard Contactless Payment at designated merchants, such as certain food courts, movie theaters, shopping malls, or gas stations in Taiwan, you can complete the payment without signing your name if your purchase amount is less than NT$3,000.

Reasons for purchase failure

  • Your card is not activated: Please contact our customer service, and we will help you to activate your credit card online.
  • Credit line exceeded: Your payment has not yet been credited or you forgot to pay your credit card bill and cannot use your credit li ne. Please pay with cash first and then make payment as soon as possible to restore your credit li ne.
  • Damaged magnetic stripe or authorization line busy: You can ask the designated merchant to call the Bank and manually complete authorization.
  • Your card has expired or was reported lost or suspended.
  • The designated merchant does not accept credit card for payment.
  • Holders of unembossed credit cards are unable to make a purchase when they patronize certain designated merchants (such as purchasing inflight duty-free products provided by an air carrier), because the attendant is unable to use manual card imprints for transaction processing.
  • If none of the situations above apply or the merchant unreasonably refuses your credit card: Please immediately call the Bank and provide the name, address, and telephone number of the merchant, the time of the purchase, and reason for refusing payment via credit cards , so that the Bank can handle the situation.

Return goods and tax refund

  • If you need to complete return transaction, you need to contact the store and ask the store to issue a sales draft with a negative amount, so that the new and old transactions offset each other. Please properly retain the stub page or the sales return form provided by the merchant for reconciliation in the future.
    ※ However, if you use the offset method for a refund when you are overseas, you may still need to bear losses from exchange rate difference and international settlement.
  • If you use your credit card for payment in certain countries or regions and enjoy preferential taxes, the designated merchant will issue a credit voucher. The time required for tax refund varies with the regulations of each country. Please retain your tax refund certificate and ask the designated merchant about tax refund regulations, method, and time.

Spending process

Step1:Avoid letting the card leave your sight when using your credit card for payment
Hand your credit card over to service personnel of the designated merchant.

Step2:Verify the information when you receive the sales draft
When sales personnel swipe your card, print out the sales draft, and obtain an authorization code from the Bank, they will hand the sales draft to you for confirmation. Please check if the card number, credit amount, total price, date, and currency on the sales draft are correct.

Step3:When you sign the sales draft, it must match the signature on the card
If the information is correct, please sign your name at the part marked with "X" on the sales draft.

Step4:Take back your credit card and sales draft, and keep them safe.
After service personnel verify the information is correct, they will return your invoice, sales draft (invoice stub), and credit card. Please retain the sales draft of every transaction, so that you can verify the reconciliation statement with credit card transaction details mailed by the Bank.

Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit

Products featuring a zero-interest installment plan: zero handling fees and zero annual percentage rates. Revolving credit rate: 5.88%-15%(determined by your credit score from the Bank; base date: September 1 2015) Service charges for cash advance (based on the cash advance settlement currency): the amount of cash advance x3.5%+(NTD 100/USD 3.5/JPY 350/EUR 2.5). Other relevant rates shall be announced on the Bank's website and application form.