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E. SUN Carrefour EasyCard Co-branded Card

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Card introduction

Card introduction

  • Card tier: Titanium Business Card (E. SUN Carrefour VIP Co-branded Card), Titanium Card, Platinum Card, Standard card

One card GO with EasyCard function

  • E. SUN EasyCard can be used at four major convenient stores, drugstores, coffee shops, and other 10,000 stores that accept small amount payment with an EasyCard. You don't need to bring change and can GO around with one card!

Contactless payment

  • It can be used at some domestic gas stations, food courts, supermarkets, movie theaters and other special stores. Purchases under NT$3,000 can be settled without a signature. No more card swiping, no more signature. It’s fast and convenient.

Annual Fee

  • Titanium Business Card/Titanium Card: NT$3,000 / card, Platinum Card: NT$900 per card, Standard card: NT$300/card, free for the supplementary card.
  • Free annual fee for the first year, free annual fee for the supplementary card; Electronic billing service are entitled to an annual fee waiver. Annual fee will be waived every year as long as the card is used for credit expenditures every year.
※ The annual fee in next year waiver threshold does not include the following transactions: non-purchase items such as cash advances, compensations, collections for third parties, operating expenses/handling fees, refund/sales returns, card loss report fees, card production fees, annual fees, revolving credit interest, service costs, default penalties, and disputed transactions. For installment payment transactions, only the first installment will count as a completed purchase, but the total amount will still be aggregated.
Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit

Products featuring a zero-interest installment plan: zero handling fees and zero annual percentage rates. Revolving credit rate: 5.88%-15%(determined by your credit score from the Bank; base date: September 1 2015) Service charges for cash advance (based on the cash advance settlement currency): the amount of cash advance x3.5%+(NTD 100/USD 3.5/JPY 350/EUR 2.5). Other relevant rates shall be announced on the Bank's website and application form.