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Transaction dispute



  • Cardholder/Customer
  • The customer hopes that the Bank will help file a claim for a dispute with a designated merchant (such as: card was fraudulently used, did not receive the products/services, etc.).

  • The customer must prepare documents within 15 business days after being charged by the merchant based on the international organization timeframe (see the application for E. SUN credit cards).


  • Merchants
  • The designated merchant provides the acquiring bank with evidence to counter the claim (such as: communication records with the customer, terms and conditions of the transaction).


  • Issuing bank
  • The issuing bank sends a dispute request to the acquiring bank according to regulations of the international organization for dispute resolution within the prescribed time limit using disputed documents provided by the customer.


  • Acquiring bank
    • Receives the consumer dispute document from the issuing bank
    • Notifies the designated merchant that a customer reported a transaction dispute and demands a refund, and provides related documents to the issuing bank to confirm whether to accept or reject the request.



  • Once the cardholder agrees or authorizes a merchant to obtain an authorization code according to standard transaction authorization procedures of an international organization, the merchant will be able to request payment for the transaction. At this time, the cardholder and issuing bank cannot withhold payment for the transaction, in order to maintain the objectivity of the transaction. However, the cardholder may reflect to the issuing bank, and the bank may file a claim on behalf of cardholder’s will to acquiring bank according to regulations of the international organization.
  • The credit/debit card dispute resolution process is in accordance with regulations of international credit card organizations. Issuing banks can only handle disputes according to the process, and do not have the right to negotiate through informal channels or directly demand that the merchant provide a refund to the cardholder.

Description of scenarios

If one of the following scenarios occur when using the Bank's credit/debit card to make a purchase at a Physical store or online, and the dispute could not be resolved after contacting the merchant in an attempt to resolve the dispute, the cardholder may file a request for dispute resolution at the issuing bank.

  • Please note: Dispute resolution must be within the time limit prescribed by the international organization, and data must be provided to the Bank 15 business days before the time limit.

The cardholder may apply to the Bank for consumer dispute services if the following scenario occurs:

  • The cardholder did not make the purchase or authorize the transaction.
  • Duplicate items were found on the bill.
  • The buyer met conditions for refund and applied for refund according to the purchase agreement, but has not received the refund from the merchant.
  • After received products purchased via mail order or online, the products were damaged or did not match the description.
  • Inconsistent amount/currency requested for payment.
  • Did not receive product/service



  • 顧客與特店之間聯繫紀錄。
  • 訂單 / 提貨單、交易合約文件。
  • 特店同意取消交易 / 退款憑證。
  • 已取消軟體或服務訂閱。 (合約載明的自動續約期限前取消交易)
  • 完成退稅之申請文件。
  • 遞延性商品之剩餘價值證明,如健身房/補習班 (上課證、剩餘課程文件、合約) 。
  • 其他可佐證文件:
    • E-mail、官方APP對話等資訊。
    • 交易條款。
    • 鑑定報告文件 (文件來自於:智慧產權權擁有者或授權的代表、司法單位鑑、第三方公正之專家)。
    • 商品寄送之追蹤編號 (Tracking Number)或證明商品寄送歷程之記錄。

Detailed description

1.If you are sure that you did not make a transaction on the statement
    Please immediately contact the Bank's 24-hour customer service hotline (02) 2182-1313, and dedicated personnel will help you check and handle the situation.
2.Duplicate requests for payment (only one transaction was made at a store but the record shows multiple requests for payment)
  • Payment terminal or store personnel operation issues: Please try to recall the day of the purchase, if a sales draft was not issued or you were informed by the store clerk that the transaction failed and asked you to swipe your card again, you can call the Bank's customer service center to apply for a dispute investigation.
  • When an error occurs with the webpage or Internet connection when making a purchase online: Please log into the store's website to find your purchase record or purchase order and verify if you placed more than one purchase order.
  • If there is indeed two purchase orders, please call the store's customer service center and ask them to cancel the extra purchase order or return the goods.
  • If there is only one purchase order and you only received one delivery, please prepare a record of your purchase order and call the Bank's customer service center to file your dispute.
3.If you have already applied to the store to return the goods (already obtained a return certificate and transaction cancellation form), but did not receive a refund.
  • It takes about 7-14 workdays for stores to process returned goods, unless there is a special agreement in place (such as: printed voucher).
  • However, if you have waited for over 1 month or after the refund date agreed upon and still did not receive the refund, please prepare the transaction cancellation form and related documents, and call the Bank's customer service center to file a dispute.
4.The product purchased via mail order or online cannot be used or does not match the description (quantity/dimensions/specifications/color)
  • Please contact the merchant and inform it of the issue with the product. If the merchant is willing to resolve the dispute, please make sure to keep a record.
  • If the merchant is not willing to handle the matter, please provide detailed information of the purchase order and describe the damage to the product, or the inconsistency between the product on the webpage and what you see, along with contact records, and call the Bank's customer service center to file a dispute.
5.Concerns about the amount and currency of payment request
  • If the merchant is not a domestic company, it may request payment in the local currency of the transaction or the currency of the cardholder's country, regardless of whether the transaction took place in the store or online.
  • If a transaction took place overseas, but the currency used to request payment is NTD, the transaction is called dynamic currency conversion (DCC). In other words, the merchant immediately completed the transaction using a fixed exchange rate (usually higher than the market exchange rate) when you made the purchase, and the information will be shown on your sales draft. If the merchant used DCC without your consent, please provide your sales draft and call the Bank's customer service center to file a dispute.
6.You purchased products online but did not receive the products
  • Please check if the expected delivery date has passed. If not, please contact the merchant or wait for products dispatching. If the expected delivery date has passed but you still have not received the products, please refer to Article 2.
  • Please contact the merchant (seller) to verify if the products have been shipped, and retain records of your contact to resolve any potential disputes.
  • Please provide detailed information of the purchase order and contact records, and call the Bank's customer service center to file a dispute.
7.How long does it take to resolve a consumer dispute
  • Depending on the regulations of the credit card issuing organization and the situation of your case, most disputes can be resolved in 45-60 days after you file a dispute.
  • If your case is relatively complex, there are more documents involved, or if the merchant closed permanently, the processing time may be extended to 90-120 days.
  • If the case needs to go through arbitration procedures, the time may be extended by 6-12 months (if the arbitral tribunal determines that the cardholder is responsible, the customer will need to bear the disputed payment and pay an arbitration fee of US$500).

Case progress inquiry

  • Enter your ID number and date of birth to check the progress of your case. If you want to learn more about results, call the hotline for the specific type of application (fraudulent transaction/transaction dispute).
  • The system provides the progress of applications in the past six months, and the time it takes to process a case depends on the dispute resolution regulations of the international organization. Please be patient. (See Article 7 of the detailed description)


Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit

Products featuring a zero-interest installment plan: zero handling fees and zero annual percentage rates. Revolving credit rate: 5.88%-15%(determined by your credit score from the Bank; base date: September 1 2015) Service charges for cash advance (based on the cash advance settlement currency): the amount of cash advance x3.5%+(NTD 100/USD 3.5/JPY 350/EUR 2.5). Other relevant rates shall be announced on the Bank's website and application form.