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Credit Card Cash Advance in installments

You can repay credit card cash advance in installments!
Service hotline:(02)5578-1398


Product Features

Flexible credit limit

Application within cash advance limit of credit card

Fast disbursement

Disbursement the same day at the earliest

Easy payment

Available in 6, 12, 24, or 30 installments to lift the burden of repayments

Rate of interest per annum

Installment interest rate range from7% to 15% per annum

How to Apply

Online application

After completing the application, the funds will transfered into the borrower's domestic deposit account

Service hotline



Based on the approved amount of NT$100,000, APR is 8.5% and 6 installments

Installment period Installment principal Installment interest Amount due per period
1 NT$16,670 NT$708 NT$17,378
2 NT$16,666 NT$590 NT$17,256
3 NT$16,666 NT$472 NT$17,138
4 NT$16,666 NT$354 NT$17,020
5 NT$16,666 NT$236 NT$16,902
6 NT$16,666 NT$118 NT$16,784

※ This example is for reference only. The actual interest for each installment will be calculated on a daily basis according to the actual number of days in each installment, as shown on each monthly bill.

Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit

Products featuring a zero-interest installment plan: zero handling fees and zero annual percentage rates. Revolving credit rate: 5.88%-15%(determined by your credit score from the Bank; base date: September 1 2015) Service charges for cash advance (based on the cash advance settlement currency): the amount of cash advance x3.5%+(NTD 100/USD 3.5/JPY 350/EUR 2.5). Other relevant rates shall be announced on the Bank's website and application form.