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Wealth Planning

E.SUN understands its New Wealth Members are building their dream and pursuing a brighter future. Backed by E.SUN's expert team in various fields, customers' exclusive financial specialists will provide advice and directions on asset allocation to help our valued members make the best investment decisions.

Personal Banking Assistant

E.SUN's digital banking services integrate customers' TWD and foreign currency deposits, gold savings, loans, fund investment, and securities accounts.

Remote Asset Allocation Service

E.SUN Bank provides Wealth Management Express service combining professional consulting services, diversified wealth management products, and innovative technology technics. Regardless of time and space, customers can receive exclusive investment advice remotely through the mobile banking application, or personal internet banking (mobile ver.), confirm mutual fund and overseas bond/stock/ETF transactions, and adjust asset allocation in real time!

Here are three major features of the Wealth Management Express service

Fast transactions

Fast transactions
Investment plans are not subject to time/location limitations
Adjust asset allocation in real time, anytime and anywhere.

Simple-click finance

Simple-click finance
Asset allocation can be confirmed remotely
Easily check transaction details for many different transactions through the E.SUN Mobile Banking app or personal internet banking (mobile ver.).

Easy operation

Easy operation
Immediately receive personalized investment portfolios
Simplified transaction processes allow you to intelligently grasp investment opportunities.

Online Asset Allocation Inquiry

E.SUN's online asset allocation inquiry service helps customers gain insight into their investment needs and risk preferences with fintech and risk analysis, combined with the professional market analysis of the E.SUN expert team. The service is a tailor-made asset allocation planning, helping customers grasp investment opportunities.

Innovative Products and Transaction Systems

To help our clients invest more disciplined, we have also continuously implemented various new innovative systems and features such as our SIP/Variable SIP Stop-Loss and Stop-Limit system and our unique Automatic Redemption and Re-Subscription Stop-Loss Stop-Limit system, which combines three different functions: our stop-loss stop-limit system, our automatic redemption function, and our re-subscription function. During times of relatively high market volatility, our stop-loss stop-limit system can be used to effectively manage profits and losses, reducing the mental burden of needing to constantly monitor the market situation. The system can also be used to set investment targets in advance, immediately executing investment orders once redemption proceeds are transferred to your account. This allows you to quickly begin participating in the market again, reducing the window of time where your funds are not being utilized, and utilizing assets much more efficiently.

Insurance Platforms

Utilizing the advantages of open banking platforms, and selecting quality insurance companies to work together with, E.SUN has designed insurance products able to meet the diverse needs of our customers and able to fit market trends. Through deep collaborations, we have continued to develop long-term, high protection insurance products, providing traditional insurance products that, despite the highly volatile and persistently low-interest market environment, offer a range of different term periods and reimbursement conditions. Paired with investment-style insurance policies which allow you to flexibly designate desired insured amounts, insurance premium levels, and investment allocations, as well as unique features such as our expert insurance management services, risk control functions, and the rich variety of different investment targets offered by us that you can link your insurance policy to, E.SUN is able to satisfy all of your insurance, investment, and asset allocation needs.

Customized Financial Products

E.SUN aims to provide a rich bonds investment map while also effectively managing risk. Through our rich investment options, combined with our unique risk management system, we effectively grasp the risks faced by our clients' asset portfolios.

Investment warnings for mutual funds

Please see here for warnings concerning mutual fund investments.

Investment warnings for traditional insurance policies

Insurance products are provided by each insurance company. E.SUN Bank only promotes and solicits subscriptions to these products. The Policyholder shall carefully read the policy terms, product prospectus and other documents before subscribing to an insurance policy. Consumers may be adversely affected if a contract is canceled or payment is discontinued after subscription to an insurance. Please carefully select insurance products that meet your requirements. This insurance product is not covered by deposit insurance as it is not a deposit product, but it is protected by the Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund. Changes in the relevant tax provisions may influence the return on investment and payment amount of insurance products. Inheritance tax shall be calculated based on the principles of individual cases as recognized by the taxation authority. The exchange rate risk and the risk of political and economic changes in the country where the currency is denominated in is higher due to the long holding period of non-investment life insurance transacted in such currencies. Therefore, the Policyholder is advised to carefully consider before subscribing to an insurance policy. The insurance company reserves the right to underwrite or reject the insurance.

Investment warnings for investment-linked insurance policies

Insurance products are provided by each insurance company. E.SUN Bank only promotes and solicits subscriptions to these products. For all investment targets linked to insurance products, the investment performance of the issuing or management institution in the past does not guarantee future returns. E.SUN Bank is not responsible for investment gains or losses. The Policyholder shall carefully read the policy terms, product prospectus and other documents before subscribing to an insurance. Possible product risks include early redemption risks, exchange rate risk, credit risk, general market risk, legal risk and investment risk. When possible risks occur, the investment principal and minimum return are not guaranteed. The maximum possible loss is the entire investment principal. The policyholder is advised to make careful consideration before subscribing to an insurance. This insurance product is not covered by deposit insurance as it is not a deposit product, but it is protected by the Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund. In addition, the value of the investment assets recorded in the separate account for this insurance product is not protected by the Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund. Changes in the relevant tax provisions may influence the return on investment and payment amount of insurance products. Inheritance tax shall be calculated based on the principles of individual cases as recognized by the taxation authority.

If the investment target is a discretionary account entrusted to the discretionary investment business for use and management, the related asset reversal mechanism may make payments drawing on the income or principal of the account. Any amount paid out of the account may result in loss of the initial investment. The insurance company reserves the right to underwrite or reject the insurance.

Investment warnings for foreign stocks and ETFs

Investments into foreign ETFs/stocks are not without risk, and past performance is not an indicator of future performance. No minimum return on investment is guaranteed. Foreign ETFs/stocks come with investment risk, and these risks may lead to losses to the principal investment amount, with the maximum possible loss being loss of the entire investment principal and any interest earned by this principal. Foreign ETFs/stocks are not deposits, and is not covered by deposit insurance. Thus, the Investor shall be responsible for any losses incurred. Before investing, the Investor should carefully read the prospectus. Investment targets which are stocks listed on the Shanghai (Shenzhen) stock exchanges may only be subscribed to by professional investors. Commission acceptance times for orders made via Internet banking shall be announced on the Bank’s website, but the actual transaction time is subject to the rules of each commission market exchange. Future adjustments shall be announced on the Bank’s website.

Investment warnings for structured notes

This is an investment made via a specified monetary trust into an overseas structured note product. It is not a deposit, and is not protected by deposit insurance. Although this product has been reviewed by E.SUN Bank, this does not mean that we have verified the subscription items of the overseas structured note, or that we guarantee its value. E.SUN Bank is not responsible for any investment profits and losses, and is not legally allowed to guarantee the original investment principal as denominated in the original investment currency, or minimum returns.

Investment warnings for overseas bonds
  • Quoted prices are for reference only. The actual transaction price may differ from the quote provided by the Bank due to market variations. The trade confirmation statement shall prevail with regard to the actual transaction price and the total volume transacted.
  • The Bank does not guarantee the principal, interest, and minimum return rates for any investments into the overseas bonds offered by the Bank via a specified monetary trust. These investments are not covered by deposit insurance. Important information related to these matters are as provided in the prospectus for each investment product.
  • Maximum potential losses from overseas bonds
    • If the issuer does not encounter a credit risk at the end of the investment term, the Investor shall in the worst case scenario receive 100% of their investment principal back, and shall also have to pay trust management fees.
    • If the issuer encounters a credit risk, the Investor may lose their entire investment principal in the worst case scenario.
  • Service charges from channels for investing into overseas bonds: The total annual charge, calculated as the total entrusted investment principal multiplied by the fee rate, shall not exceed zero point five percent of the principal invested into the product. Provided to the Bank (trustee) by the issuer or broker. However, the above rules do not apply to any subscriptions made by professional investors.
Gold investment

Due to gold price fluctuations in the international market, investment in gold may lead to profits or losses for the Investor. In the worst case scenario, the Investor may lose their entire principal. The Investor is therefore advised to make careful considerations before investing and be prepared to assume the risks involved. Gold Investment accounts are not considered deposit accounts, and are thus not subject to interest payments. They are also not covered by the Deposit Insurance Act, nor covered by the deposit insurance system. A transportation fee shall be charged when customers make physical gold withdrawals from such accounts.

Exclusive Services

Trust Services

Trust Services

Exclusive trust planning for your retirement and children education plan.
Personalized Wealth Management Advice

Personalized Wealth Management Advice

Providing you with appropriate asset allocation advice based on your stage of life and wealth considerations.
VIP Room

VIP Room

Our branch locations possess private and comfortable wealth management VIP rooms equipped with modern facilities where you can access our consultation services.

Exclusive benefits

TWD Deposit

TWD Deposit

Enjoy 10 free cross-bank withdrawals and transfers each month, along with discounts on various other general services.
Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Enjoy discounts on 1 transactions handled at the bank counter each month, including receiving/making remittances and withdrawing cash.
Family Accounts

Family Accounts

E.SUN family account helps you teach your children good financial habits, and elevate your member-only benefits.
Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management Services

Enjoy discounts on bond rates, and on fees charged for mutual funds and other wealth management products.

Important information

Important information on membership rights

  • E.SUN Bank (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) wealth management memberships are invitation-only. Only natural persons (excluding juridical persons) who meet membership criteria and are invited by the Bank’s wealth management employees may join this membership, after opening an account at the Bank. Once approved by the Bank, they may enjoy membership benefits and privileges.
  • The Bank’s Ascendant Wealth Management members must maintain at least NT$3 million in assets under management (including NTD and foreign deposits, mutual funds, foreign ETFs, foreign stocks, DCI, structured notes, gold investments, bonds under a repurchase agreement, and accumulated insurance policy premiums paid for an active policy) at the Bank each month. Amongst these assets, mutual funds, foreign ETFS, foreign stocks, DCI, structured notes, gold investments, and bonds under a repurchase agreement shall be valued based on the original investment amount they were purchased for.
  • If a member’s assets under management at the Bank fail to reach the minimum monthly average required for Ascendant Wealth Management membership for six consecutive months (not including the month when their membership began), they shall lose access to their exclusive membership benefits. At the start of the following month, their membership plan shall be changed to another of the Bank’s membership plans based on the amount of their assets under management at the Bank, and they shall have access to the privileges granted by that plan, as well as be subject to its requirements.
  • Monthly average assets under management is calculated by summing up the assets under management for each day of the month, then divided by the total number of days in that month. All related information is based on the Bank’s system documents.
  • E.SUN Happiness Parent-Child members are required to be persons under the legal age of majority, and their parents are required to be Ascendant Wealth Management/Elite/New Wealth members. If the membership account has been closed, if the member becomes of legal age, or if the member’s parents no longer possess the required membership class, Parent-Child account benefits may no longer be accessed.
  • If the wealth management membership account, secondary account, or Parent-Child account holder is also eligible for other customer benefits at the Bank (such as: salary receipt accounts), the more favorable discount benefit shall be applied. Unused discounts for wealth management membership primary accounts, secondary accounts, or Parent-Child accounts shall not be accumulated or rolled over to the following month.
  • Insurance products are provided by each insurance company, and E.SUN Bank only promotes and solicits subscriptions for these products. Each insurance company reserves the right to underwrite or reject insurance purchases.
  • As there are different risks and fees associated with each different financial product, the Bank reminds you: Please carefully read the subscription agreement, public prospectus, notes to investors, and other related documents before subscribing to a financial product.
  • The past performance of a financial product is not an indicator of its future performance. Please make an independent judgment before choosing to invest. All capital gains and income earned by investments at the Bank shall belong to you, and you shall also bear all investment risks, fees, and tax liabilities. The Bank is not responsible for any gains or losses arising from investing into wealth management products, and does not guarantee the principal of or returns from these investments. Specific wealth management products that you may subscribe to are not considered deposits, and are not covered by deposit insurance.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you correctly understand any investor notes or risk warnings for financial products issued by other organizations that the Bank’s financial consultants may recommend. The Bank shall be responsible for any disputes arising from a financial consultant promoting a fraudulent product, or failing to provide required risk warnings. Employees of the Bank are prohibited from making product referrals for products outside of the Bank’s business scope. Please inquire with each branch if you have any questions.
  • In order to protect your privacy and personal rights, please adequately safeguard your seal and passbook. Employees of the Bank are unable to provide safekeeping services for personal items belonging to customers, such as for seals and passbooks.
  • Procedures for handling disputes and complaints relating to the financial products or services provided by the Bank may be initiated by dialing the Bank’s service hotline at: 0800-301313, 02-2182-1313, or through the Bank’s website. The Bank shall be responsible for investigating and responding to these disputes.
  • Please inquire at one of the Bank’s branches across the country for more details on wealth management membership benefits, rights, and services. The Bank reserves the right to amend or terminate any benefits offered to Ascendant Wealth Management members, Parent-Child account holders, and Ascendant Wealth Management secondary account holders. Future amendments to these rules shall be announced by the Bank on its official website, through reconciliation statements, by Bank employees, or through some other method arranged between the Ascendant Wealth member and the Bank. In the event of a major change to membership rights and benefits (such as a change to criteria for obtaining or losing membership status), the Bank shall notify members through text, email, or some other method arranged between the Ascendant Wealth member and the Bank.