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Japan Branch

Integrated with the Northeast Asia financial hub.
We offer an extensive selection of top-notch cross-border banking services.

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Japan Branch

E.SUN Bank branches in Japan are located in Tokyo and Fukuoka. Japan is a key financial center in the Asia-Pacific region, known for its political and economic stability, economic freedom, thriving trade, and mature financial markets. It is Taiwan's third-largest trading partner. E.SUN Bank connects the Kanto and Kyushu regions, leveraging our presence in over 30 overseas locations across the Asia-Pacific to consistently provide customers with comprehensive international financial solutions on a unified financial service platform.

  • Tokyo Branch

    The Tokyo branch, inaugurated in 2017, serves as the bank's first Northeast Asian banking position. Tokyo is Japan's most important political and financial center, with numerous corporate headquarters and a vibrant business scene. The branch is situated in the Marunouchi Building between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace Gardens in the Marunouchi district where many large corporations and banks are headquartered. The Tokyo branch leverages its position to offer customer deposit services, a financing services platform, and an integrated services network with E.SUN's locations in Taiwan and across the Asia-Pacific to provide a comprehensive international financial services network.

  • Fukuoka Branch

    The Fukuoka branch, established in 2023, is the second Japanese branch for E.SUN Bank. Fukuoka serves as the economic, trade, business, and cultural center of Kyushu. The branch is located in the Tenjin Business Center Building, adjacent to the Fukuoka Tenjin Station, an important business district with convenient transportation. E.SUN Bank's Fukuoka branch focuses on assisting Taiwanese businesses and local enterprises in Kyushu, connecting domestic and international platforms to provide customers a one-stop financial solutions.

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Tokyo Branch

  • Address: 34F, 2-chōme-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-6334
  • Tel: +81-3-6213-1301
  • Fax: +81-3-3201-5755

  • The branch is located in the Marunouchi Building in the Tokyo financial district and may be reached by the following means:

    JR Line: from Tokyo Station, approximately a 6-minute walk.

    Subway Stations: Direct access from Tokyo Station, Otemachi Station, Nijubashimae Station, all approximately a 5-minute walk to the branch.

Fukuoka Branch

  • Address: 16F, 1-chōme-10-20 Tenjin, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka, Japan 810-0001
  • Tel: +81-92-260-1913
  • Fax: +81-92-401-1369

  • The branch is located in the Tenjin Business Center Building next to Tenjin Station and may be reached by the following means:

    Subway Station: from Tenjin Station, approximately a 1-minute walk.


※The branch does not handle bank teller transactions and visitors are required to use a QR CODE for entry, please make a prior appointment with the relevant service window.



  • Real Estate Financing
  • Commercial loan
  • Syndicated loan


※Bank documentation is provided in bilingual Japanese and Chinese languages; however, the Japanese documentation wording will take precedence over the Chinese translation which should be considered for customer reference only.


※Only existing account holders with E.SUN Bank Japan branches may use branch forms for bank business and only Japanese forms will be accepted. Please contact E.SUN Japan branches to request the translation version in the Chinese language for reference.



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