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Los Angeles Branch

Diverse Financial Products Committed to providing High-Quality Services to American Customers.

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Los Angeles Branch

E.SUN Commercial Bank, Los Angeles Branch was established in 2000. It is located 25 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles in City of Industry, adjacent to the densely populated Chinese community in Southern California. With its advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, the Branch serves as a premier financial service platform for both American customers and Taiwanese businesses. The professional team at the Branch possesses extensive international experience and expertise, enabling them to meet the financial needs of customers and provide optimal financial solutions. Upholding the principles of "integrity, honesty, professionalism, and responsibility" and delivering warm customer service, E.SUN Los Angeles Branch has become the preferred bank for American customers.

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Directions to the branch:

  • From LAX International Airport, take S Sepulveda Blvd. to access I-105 (East)
    → Take I-105 (East) to merge onto I-605 (North)
    → Merge onto CA-60 (East)
    → Take the S Azusa Ave exit and turn right (South)
    → Turn left onto Colima Road, heading East
    → Turn left onto Walnut Hall Road and travel 50 meters
    → Arrive at Puente Hills Business Center on the right.

Los Angeles is located in the Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone. During Daylight Savings Time (DST), it is in GMT-7, and during standard time, it is in GMT-8. During DST, Taipei is 15 hours ahead of Los Angeles, and during standard time, Taipei is 16 hours ahead of Los Angeles.



  • Commercial Real Estate Loan, CRE
  • Commercial & Industrial Loan, C&I
  • ESG Linked Loan