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Trade Services


L/C Advising

With a leading market share in corporate business, most Taiwanese corporate maintain a relationship with E.SUN bank. By forwarding our L/Cs to ESUNTWTP, you will benefit from our global network without having to maintain a huge network on your own.

How does it Work

Within 24 hours after receipt of your instruction, we will check the L/C or amendments thereto and advise it to beneficiary. For beneficiary located in countries where we do not maintain an operative entity we will rely on our large network of correspondent relationships.

What is Benefit

  • Take advantage of our strong customer base and to win every business opportunity with for you and your corporate customer.
  • Benefit from our fast advising services and reduce the transit costs for your L/Cs.
  • Beneficiary gets notification from multiple channels such as email and mobile notification free to arrange pick-up at more than 130 counters.

L/C Confirmation

With extensive branches in major Asian financial hubs, E.SUN bank has a unique appetite to confirm L/Cs where other banks withdraw their commitments and delivers a high standard of expertise in confirming L/Cs globally.

How does it Work

We upon request of counterparty bank add confirmation to their L/C offering the beneficiary additional payment undertaking and non-recourse payment before the final payment by the issuing bank, provided that all the terms and conditions of the L/C are complied with.

What is Benefit

  • Relying on our outstanding credit reputation to increase confidence in your L/C heavily underlined by our strong commitment to L/C confirmation.
  • Offering your customer greater facilitation of imports.

L/C Reimbursement

Most of the time, banks do not maintain a direct account relationship with the opening institution under a L/C transaction. E.SUN Bank is at your disposal to reimburse your L/C where account holding with us is not a necessity.

How does it Work

We accepts authorization by our counterparty banks to settle their L/C by simply debiting their account with us or offering a variety of reimbursement financing services available upon request such as.

  • Honouring of deferred claims
  • Financing for buyer or your institution
  • Issuance of irrevocable reimbursement undertakings

What is Benefit

  • Simplify correspondent management without maintaining impractical correspondent account with all of the banks involved in the L/C business.
  • Improve your documentary operation by centralizing L/C payment management.
  • Benefit you and your customer from better trade fund liquidity.


E.SUN bank maintains credit lines for our correspondent banks worldwide. Based on these relations we are in a position to discount / forfait their obligations taking credit risk of the importer's bank, as well as the political risk of the country where the importing company is located.

How does it Work

We provide non-recourse financing of trade receivables typically secured against.

  • Undertaking by the issuing or confirming bank under usance L/C.
  • Accepted commercial drafts avalised by a bank under document against acceptance (D/A).
  • Sovereign and large/multinational corporate payment instruments (promissory notes/bills of exchange).

What is Benefit

  • Providing evaluation on credit risk of the banks operating in certain markets.
  • Ensure flexibility that product can easily be modified to suit your particular requirements.
  • Help you and your customer extend credits to certain market taking advantage of new market opportunities.


E.SUN bank is at your disposal, offering you and your customers a full range of guarantee instruments and acting as your supporting partner with decades of experience and extensive expertise in guarantee and Standby L/C business.

How does it Work

We accept counter guarantee from counterparty banks in our favor and issue bank guarantee of following types on behalf of counterparty banks to local or foreign beneficiaries.

  • Payment guarantee
  • Tender guarantee (bid bond)
  • Performance guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Finance guarantee

What is Benefit

  • Increases the confidence and convenience for trade partner of your customer by providing guarantee/Standby L/C issuance service directly from their familiar local issuing bank.
  • Beneficiary can claim directly from their local issuing bank to compensate loss incurred by any default on business agreement/contract.