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Fair Customer Treatment Section

Message from Chairman

Establish a culture based on fair customer treatment principles

While developing its business operation, E.SUN continuously seeks to establish a culture based on fair customer treatment principles. These principles are customer experience-oriented to ensure service quality, implement customer protection, and improve customer communication and interaction. Apart from assisting customers in accurately understanding E.SUN’s products and services, we also strengthen customer information disclosure. Furthermore, we strive to understand and care for customers through diverse communication channels. These are part and parcel of our efforts to continuously refine customer experience.

Establish heartwarming customer services

E.SUN's business philosophy is rendered as “cultivating professional banking talent and offering its customers the highest quality of service.” Good service is in the DNA of every E.SUN employee. E.SUN is committed to becoming “a benchmark for the financial and service industry.” As such, E.SUN designs each financial service process from the customer perspective, and establishes diversified service channels to listen to customers' voices and needs. In recent years, in response to the trend of focusing on customer rights, benefits and experience, E.SUN has continued to keep up with the times by establishing a customer service management system. With a comprehensive service quality management, we seek to create heartwarming customer service and pleasant experiences, providing products and services that better meet customer requirements.

Proactively develop inclusive financing and provide convenient financial services through digitization

By leveraging its core competencies in the financial operation, E.SUN Bank creates on tap financial services that are immensely convenient, and lowers the threshold for the general public to access its services. This will enable individuals or business owners with different backgrounds to benefit from the appropriate financial services underpinned by our open, equal and diverse foundation. Not only do we leverage the ubiquity of digital banking and loans to SMEs to support employment and economic development, we also offer barrier-free environment and support the underprivileged. All of which are part of our efforts to eliminate poverty and inequality in society, thereby boosting a robust development of society and economy by utilizing the strengths of our financial operation.

Motivated to become a “top-performing and most respected company”

E.SUN FHC has been proactively and consistently practicing sustainable finance and responsible finance, and will continue to conquer the three challenges of business operation: overall performance, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. E.SUN is dedicated to promote environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. Whether it is undertaking challenges or seizing opportunities, E.SUN will adopt a modest and progressive manner to make adjustments and seek progresses. Furthermore, E.SUN will uphold its core values, integrate internal and external resources and strengths of our partners. By working together with various parties, E.SUN aspires to create a better future.

About fair customer treatment

To implement fair customer treatment, E.SUN has established the "E.SUN Bank Fair Customer Treatment Policy and Strategy". In addition to incorporating the internal control and audit system, E.SUN has also incorporated the fair customer treatment principles into our education and training programs, regularly conduct education and training for our staff to continuously promote and emphasize the fair customer treatment principles, and integrate financial consumer protection into E.SUN's service-oriented corporate culture.

01 Principle of fairness and integrity in contracts

Adopt the principles of fairness, reasonableness, equality, mutual benefit and integrity in the financial product or service agreement that it enters with customers.

02 Principle of due diligence and loyalty

Exercise the due care and loyalty of a prudent administrator when providing financial products or services.

03 Principle of authenticity in advertising

Eliminate any false, fraudulent, conceal or misleading conduct and ensure authenticity in advertising when publishing or broadcasting advertisements and conducting solicitation or promotional campaign activities.

04 Principle of product or service suitability

Have a clear knowledge of the customer in order to ensure that the products or services are suitable to a customer before entering into a contract with the customer.

05 Principles of informed consent and disclosure

Explain the important aspects of a financial products, services and contracts with words that customers can fully understand or other methods, and disclose fully the risks.

06 Principle of equitable sales compensation

Design a sales compensation plan that considers an equitable basis consumer rights and potential risks of financial products or services to customers.

07 Principle of client protection in grievance

Implement adequate customer complaint processing and dispute resolution mechanisms in order to handle customer complaints effectively in financial disputes.

08 Principle of professional salesmanship

Salespersons shall possess the qualifications required by law and meet the professional orientation or on-the-job training requirements in order to ensure the salespersons have the professional ethics and skills.

09 Friendly service principles

Treat the elderly and the physically and mentally challenged fairly from the design to sales of financial products and services, and monitor and evaluate whether the financial products and services provided meet the needs of customers.

10 Implementation of ethical corporate management principles

Establish an effective internal control system based on business characteristics to prevent dishonest behavior and promote an ethical corporate management culture from the top down.

Fair Customer Treatment Promotion Committee

With respect to the protection of financial consumers' rights and interests, E.SUN has set up a Fair Customer Treatment Promotion Committee, with the legal compliance division and customer service division handling the planning of E.SUN’s fair customer treatment principles. E.SUN also established the "Operational Guidelines for E.SUN's Fair Customer Treatment Promotion Committee" to implement the resolutions and instructions of the committee and strengthen the overall operation of the three lines of defense.


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