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Important Notice on E.SUN Bank’s Periodic Customer Review


Dear Customers:


Thank you for your long-term support to E.SUN Bank.

In order to protect the rights and interests and security of your account, E.SUN will send you a notice/has sent you a notice recently, and sincerely invite you to complete the update of your customer information in the manner and according to the related instructions specified in the notice:

If it is a personal account, you may choose one of the methods as follows:
  • Online update (Internet banking/mobile banking/E.SUN Bank Personal Basic Information Update Platform)
  • Visit a branch
  • Reply by mail

If it is a non-personal account, you may choose one of the methods as follows:
  • Online update (Global Internet Banking, GIB)
    Customers who only apply for " Global Internet Banking, GIB" inquiry permission cannot confirm and update data through this method. The representative of the non-personal account please take the time to bring the relevant documents and (1) the original ID card (2) company seal to the nearest/contacting branch to proceed it. You can apply at a branch or apply by mailing a reply letter.
  • Visit a branch
  • Reply by mail

If you have any questions, please feel free to use our24-hour smart customer service, or call our branch, or contact E.SUN’s customer service hotline at 02-21821313 and press 2 then 0, or 0800-30-1313 (local telephone only) for consultation.

Thank you again for your support! We look forward to continuing to provide you with complete and professional financial services.


Wishing you good health and the best of luck


Sincerely, E.SUN Bank
November, 2023