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E.SUN Financially Friendly Services Measures

Category Services Measures
 Environment Each branch has set up an "accessibility service counter" or an alternative improvement method as required by law to provide the disabled with various financial services.
Each branch has installed "service bells" at the entrances and exits of their business halls and provide the disabled with guidance services.
Each branch has receptionists in the lobby to provide guidance services.
Accessible ATMs for wheelchair users have been installed in the convenient banking area of each branch to provide a friendly financial environment.
The "E.SUN Bank Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Service Website", which has obtained the national accessibility label, provides instant information on interest rate and exchange rate changes for the disabled. Link
E.SUN e-Services have been established on E.SUN's website, including: chatbot, text-based customer service, customer service hotline, visitor message board, as well as forms related to deposit and lending, foreign currency and credit card businesses, legal person services and digital finance for customers to download. Link
We provide "Financially Friendly Internet Banking" with the national accessibility label, the services of which are as follows:
(1)NTD balance inquiry
(2)Foreign currency balance inquiry
(3)Deposit transaction details inquiry
(4)NTD designated account transfer
(5)NTD non-designated account transfer
(6)ATM interbank withdrawal fee waiver settings (for natural person deposit account holders only)
(7)User password change, username change and other services
We provide "Friendly WebATM" with the national accessibility label, the services of which are as follows:
(1)Non-designated account transfer
(2)Data settings
(3)Account inquiry
ESUN Wallet APP provides diversified cardholder services with payment as the core service, focusing on user experience enhancement to meet the diverse needs of customers, among which, the digital service functions of the financially friendly section are as follows:
(1)Billing information and unaccounted details for the most recent 12 periods
(2)Real-time push notification
(3)QR code payment
(4)Card opening and transaction records
(5)Convenient store payment and online credit card payment
Downland E.SUN Wallet now
玉山Wallet QRcode
 Communication We provide contracts and various application forms with enlarged photocopies in a friendly manner according to the needs of visually impaired (blurred vision) customers.
  • Download forms: Link
  • Standard Form Contract Section: E.SUN Bank Home Page > Statutory Disclosures > Standard Form Contract Section
A total of 139 branches of E.SUN provide "remote sign language interpretation service for video conferences" for the hearing impaired to conduct the business in need at a branch.
 Services For the physically impaired (including the visually impaired), the following methods are available to apply for E.SUN’s businesses:
(1)A witness or "notarization in accordance with the provisions of the Notary Act". The witness shall assist the visually impaired customer to cite the relevant documents, countersign and state that "after reading or reciting the contents of this document, no objection is raised by the deposit account holder OOO" or a statement of equivalent meaning.
(2)For those who are unable to sign in person, if the signature is made with a seal, it shall be certified by the signature of a relative or friend or a member of a social welfare organization, or any other personnel who is not responsible for the business. If the signature is made with a fingerprint, cross or other symbol, it shall be certified by the signatures of two witnesses in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 3, Article 3 of the Civil Code, and shall have the same effect as the signature. In order to be fair and objective, at least one of the witnesses shall be a relative or friend of the physically challenged customer (including visually impaired customers) or a member of a social welfare organization.
(3)Accepted businesses include: NTD and foreign currency deposits, mortgage loans, small business loans, wealth management, credit cards, personal loans and acquiring stores.
Witnesses for mortgage loans, small business loans, credit cards, personal loans and acquiring stores shall not be the personnel of E.SUN.
Mortgage loans: E.SUN has built a comprehensive digital platform to provide "home mortgage credit line and rate assessment", "online application", and "online message board" for mortgage loans so as to offer customers with convenient online financial services that break the boundaries of time and space.
Credit cards: E.SUN provides SMS, email or written document notification services. Customers can have authorized agents to assist with credit card-related issues as an when necessary.
Personal loans: E.SUN provides the hearing impaired with SMS or email notification on loan approval, and the visually impaired with branch verification services.
ATM withdrawal fee waivers are available for the disabled at the counter and Internet banking for a total of 3 times per month and for 1 account only. Via Internet banking:
  • Lite mode: More Services > Friendly Banking Section > ATM Interbank Withdrawal Fee Waiver Settings
  • Full mode: Personal Settings and Services > Friendly Banking Section > ATM Interbank Withdrawal Fee Waiver Settings
  • Financially friendly Internet banking: ATM Interbank Withdrawal Fee Waiver Settings
 Protection of Rights and Interests E.SUN provides the following suggestion forms and communication channels to protect the rights and interests of the disabled:
(1)24-hour service hotline
(2)Visitor message board on E.SUN’s website
(3)Customer satisfaction QR code and customer suggestion card at each business unit during business hours
(4)E.SUN’s customer service division
Contact us:Link
 Others If the customer is an elderly person or a person with special conditions but not physically impaired, such as with blurred vision, poor hearing, language impairment or limited mobility, E.SUN may provide corresponding friendly services depending on the actual situations to assist them in financial products or services in need.