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Notice of Customer Rights


Dear Customers:

Thank you for your long-term support to E.SUN Bank. Protecting the assets and interests of our customers and providing warm and memorable services have always been our top priority. Please be reminded to properly keep your personal seals, passbooks, withdrawal slips, ATM cards and passwords of each business, etc. and do not leave them in the custody of other people or employees of E.SUN to protect your rights and interests. In order to protect your rights and ensure compliance with law, E.SUN strictly prohibits the following conducts by employees:

  • Misappropriate or act on behalf of customers to be the custodian of customer’s deposit certificates, passbooks, seals, passwords, bank cards, identity documents (e.g., photocopies of ID card, NHI card, passport, etc.), important documents (e.g., land/building ownership certificate, etc.), transaction certificate, or customer’s confidential documents such as customer-signed application forms, insurance documents, insurance policies, insurance service application forms, withdrawal clauses, etc.
  • Fail to comply with regulations in the handling of transactions related to the delivery, deposit, and transfer of cash, notes, securities, and other properties.
  • Place orders for customers prematurely or on behalf of customers and then use the customer’s seal after the fact, or keep blank withdrawal forms, transaction forms, insurance documents, insurance service application documents, and life/property insurance policy that have been sealed or signed by the customer.
  • Sign documents on behalf of the policyholder and insured person or fill in insurance contract documents without the consent or authorization of the policyholder and insured person, and have a customer sign any blank insurance documents.
  • Fill in customer rights-related forms on behalf of customers, fail to faithfully disclose matters relating to customers’ interests and rights, and fail to explain any matter that affects the rights and interests of the applicant or the insured, or deliver customers’ information in any form to a third party unrelated to the business or accept a loan case.
  • Engage in transactions without the authorization or on behalf of customers (including but not limited to deposit, withdrawal, account opening, changes to account information, investment transactions, policy changes, partial redemption, contract termination, etc.), accept transaction instructions or subscriptions (or redemptions) directly from customers using the communication software, improper dispose of or embezzle customer’s property in violation of customer’s instructions, or engage in trading activities that conflict with customer interests.
  • Forgery, alteration, or modification of the customer's forms or information provided for transactions, such as withdrawal forms, agreements, transaction forms, insurance documents, insurance policy, insurance service application documents, reconciliation statement, or forge signature and rubbing of the original authorized seal on the documents.
  • Induce, recommend or implicitly suggest the customer to fill out false information, guide or complete the risk attribute assessment questionnaire on behalf of customers.
  • Produce relevant documents (e.g. DMs, reconciliation statement,s business cards), supporting documents or set up a website for customers in private or in the name of E.SUN, and promote and sell goods, services, and businesses (e.g. personal loan products of overseas online platform operators) not authorized by E.SUN or not authorized by, approved by, or registered with the competent authorities.
  • Operate automatic devices such as online banking, mobile banking, phone banking, and ATMs to use customer’s account to make transfers, purchase/redeem/convert funds, invest in products, withdraw cash, or apply for loans or credit cards, or change passwords, among other relevant transactions and agreements.
  • Privately use the branch location, the address of employees or a third party, or their private email address and private telephone/mobile phone as the delivery address/mailbox for all documents (including but not limited to transaction certificates or reconciliation statements) sent to you.
  • Induce customers to engage in financial investment or insurance enrollment by borrowings or raising debts (including but not limited to improperly inducing customers to purchase mortgage and life insurance products as a condition of the loan during the process, or improperly inducing customers to redeem and convert investment subjects with unusual frequency within a short period of time in order to obtain commissions or achieve performance targets).
  • Have lending or monetary transactions with customers or provide their own bank account for customer’s transaction, use another person's account to transfer customer’s funds or lend the account for others to use.
  • Enter into an agreement with customers to share profit or loss, directly or indirectly request, promise or receive improper money, returns or other benefits.
  • Use E.SUN’s property, information, or the employee's position to accept kickbacks from the customer, request entertainment, gifts, or commissions, fees, and other inappropriate benefits from the customer, or participate in the customer's investments.
  • Provide specific benefits, consideration or bear losses by agreement, recommend customers to invest in specific financial products or take out an insurance (including but not limited to solicitation of insurance business by means of mispricing, commissions or other improperly discounted premiums).
  • Other violations of laws and regulations or fail to handle relevant businesses in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
  • Engage in the above conducts in the name of their spouse, children, or others.

Reminder: E.SUN Bank or other members of the E.SUN Financial Holdings Group (visit the website of E.SUN Financial Holdings: www.esunfhc.com/zh-tw for details) did not authorize any commission agent to manage our loan business. Any attempt to promote a loan to you or apply for a loan for you in the name of E.SUN, contracted center, or other companies with a similar name as E.SUN, is considered an illegal act of fraudulently using the names of members of E.SUN Financial Holdings Group. Please remain vigilant and do not apply for loans through such channels to protect yourself against fraud and ensure your own rights and interests.

If you encounter any of the above mentioned attempts in the name of E.SUN Bank or by an employee of E.SUN Bank or if you have any problems, please inform E.SUN or call our Customer Service Center at 02-2182-1313 (press 2, then 0), or visit the official website of E.SUN Bank and leave a message on our Customer Service Message Board. We thank you for your cooperation and support.

E.SUN cares about you and wishes you and your family happiness and health.

Sincerely, E.SUN Bank