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Exclusive concierge services

Service with high privacy and ultimate courtesy

  • Caring butler
  • Boutique information provision and recommendation
  • Commercial secretary
    • Airport chauffeured limousine services
    • Taoyuan international airport express clearance
    • Global airport VIP Lounge – Longteng
    • Prestige travel and restaurant benefits
    • Travel arrangements and entertainment recommendations
    • Exclusive offers at selected hotels
    • Exclusive health examination
    • Medical concierge service
    • Overseas medical emergency services

24-hour Concierge phone number +886 0800-52-1313 #8 (Taiwan)

  • The above services or products offered are only available to private banking members and their related parties. (collectively the "Members")
  • For details of concierge services, please contact the concierge phone number of E.SUN Bank (hereinafter the "Bank"). The rights and privileges of this website are only provided for reference. If any third-party services are involved, the fees shall be borne by the Members.
  • The third-party service providers will provide services after receiving full payment. The services provided by the third-parties must comply with the laws and regulations of Taiwan and the place where the service is provided.
  • Where there is any change to the special discounts that the Members may enjoy, the actual prices of services or products shall be based on the discounts offered by selected suppliers. The Bank is not responsible for the discounts and prices listed on this website.
  • For details of the services or the products, please contact the Bank’s branches across the country. The Bank reserves the right to change, amend and terminate the rights and privileges and related matters of the Members. Any amendment or revision of the rights and privileges and related matters will be notified by the Bank to the Members through announcement on the official website, statement, phone contact, notification letter, E-mail or other means agreed between the Members and the Bank.
  • The provision of the above concierge services does not involve introduction or referral, and the final right to choose the service provider rests with the Members. The Bank will perform its duty of care as a good administrator, but shall not be liable for any losses or damages of the Members which are not attributed to the Bank or caused by the service list providers/service arrangers/actual service providers through their negligent or intentional act.
  • Applicable period:2024/01/01 to 2024/12/31