Privacy Protection Measures

2022.04 Version

E.SUN Commercial Bank (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) collects, processes, and uses your personal data in accordance with the “Financial Holding Company Act”, , “Personal Data Protection Act”, “Guidelines for Information Sharing Among Financial Institutions” and other relevant regulations. To ensure your peace of mind when using the services of the Bank, we hereby state that the privacy protection measures of the company (hereinafter refer as the measures) is as follows:
  1. 一、適用範圍:Scope of Application

    The measures are applicable, but not limited, to business such as deposits and transfers, foreign exchange, credit extension, credit cards, wealth management, securities transactions, and relevant Internet banking services. However, the measures are not applicable to external links provided on the website. For external sites, please refer to the privacy policy and related details on the linked site.

    1. 二、資料蒐集方式:Methods of Data Collection

      The Bank shall collect personal data, including name, ID number, phone number, e-mail, address, and other necessary data through the aforementioned businesses and services. We will also retain records generated by the server when you are browsing or searching for information on this website (including but not limited to your IP address, browsing time, equipment information, browser information, and browsing history).
      As a reminder, other websites that are linked to our website may also collect your personal data. The personal data you actively provide on other websites is not applicable to these measures and shall be collected, processed, and used in accordance with related regulations and the privacy policies of the linked websites.

  2. 三、資料蒐集之目的與運用:Purpose and Use of Collected Information

    In accordance with regulations or after your consent, the collected personal data will be shared among financial institutions for the purposes below, or necessary processing and use will be made according to specific purposes so that better services may be provided to you.

    (一) 基於風險管理及洗錢防制目的:For risk management and anti-money laundering purposes

    The types of personal data gathered by the website, the Bank, E.SUN FHC, the subsidiaries of E.SUN FHC, and other non E.SUN FHC financial institutions will be shared among the Bank, E.SUN FHC, and the subsidiaries of E.SUN FHC for the purpose of overall risk prevention within the enterprise.

    (二) 基於便利服務、業務合作目的:For service convenience and business cooperation purposes
    After your consent, the personal data gathered will be shared among the Bank, E.SUN FHC, the subsidiaries of E.SUN FHC, and other non E.SUN FHC financial institutions in order to provide you with a smoother and more convenient user experience.
  3. 四、個人資料之保護:Personal Data Protection

    (一) 為確保資訊系統及資料傳輸之安全性,將以SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)機制進行資料傳輸的加密,並且加裝防火牆防止不法入侵,以避免個人資料遭非法存取。另應用4至16不定位數密碼及亂碼化方式儲存密碼,並對於資料庫之運用、維護、系統使用人員權限設定及產出表報之管理等事宜,實施妥適之管理政策,以強化資料傳輸、儲存及應用之安全。
    To ensure the security of the information system and data transmission of your personal data, the Bank will adopt the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) mechanism to encrypt data transmissions, and installed firewalls to block illegal intrusions in order to guard your personal information against illegal access. In addition, your 4 to 16 digit password is stored in a scrambled format in our system, and appropriate management policies on the utilization, maintenance, staff access of database and the management of the reports generated by the database will be applied.to reinforce the security of data transmission, data storage, and application of data.
    (二) 本行與玉山金控、玉山金控其他子公司或其他金融機構間進行資料共享時,有關資料之共享目的、強化客戶資料保護機制、參與員工授權、內部審核及分層負責機制、申訴及處理爭議之內部標準程序等項目,均依循「金融機構間資料共享指引」、「個人資料保護法及金融監督管理委員會指定非公務機關個人資料檔案安全維護辦法」等相關法規命令辦理。
    (II) When data is shared among the Bank, E.SUN FHC, the subsidiaries of E.SUN FHC, and other non E.SUN FHC financial institutions, the purpose of sharing data, strengthening the customer data protection mechanism, employee authorization, internal audit and hierarchical responsibility mechanism, internal standard procedures for complaints and processing in the event of disputes are processed in accordance with relevant regulations such as “Guidelines for Information Sharing Among Financial Institutions”, “Personal Data Protection Act” and “Security and Maintenance Plan for the Protection of Personal Data Files in Non-government Agencies Designated by the Financial Supervisory Commission”.
  4. 五、網路追蹤工具之運用:Utilization of Network Monitoring Tools

    當您訪問或使用本網站、行動應用程式(APP)時,本網站、APP會紀錄您的訪問或使用足跡,以提供您更佳的個人化服務、方便您參與個人化的互動活動,及為管理本網站使用情形(包括但不限於分析訪客人數、網站流量、使用者分布、產品/服務關注程度、線上活動行為及使用模式)、提升本網站服務品質、提供符合您需求或興趣偏好之客製化資訊或廣告並追蹤其成效等目的。其中部分資料及訪客個人化設定資料將由本行自行或透過合作廠商(如Google Analytics)運用cookies或其他類似技術之工具來紀錄、存取及蒐集您的線上行為資料。線上行為資料包括當您訪問本網站、其他網站及社群媒體平台(不論是否與本網站相連結者)所為網路行為而產生之資訊(包括但不限於IP位址、Cookie ID與其內容、唯一識別碼、網域名稱、裝置資訊、使用時間、瀏覽器類型、語言設定、地理位置、作業系統、伺服器紀錄、網頁搜尋/瀏覽/點選紀錄及使用模式與資訊或經合作廠商以其名義取得前開資料分析歸納而成標籤等類似資料),但均屬於不記名的訪客資料且不涉及個人聯絡方式。
    提醒您,當您訪問或瀏覽使用其他網站與社群平台時,該網站可能會蒐集您的資料,您將受其他網站各自的隱私權保護政策拘束。如您欲停止使用cookies或其他類似技術之工具,您可隨時自行更改瀏覽器、安裝程式或變更裝置之設定。如您選擇拒絕 cookies或其他類似技術之工具,您將可能無法使用本網站或APP部分個人化服務,或是參與部分線上活動。
    When you visit or use our website or mobile application (app), our website and app will record your visit or track your usage. This is for purposes such as to provide you with better customized services, to facilitate your participation in customized interactive activities and to enable the company to manage the use of the company website (including but not limited to analyzing the number of visitors, website traffic, user distribution, interest in products/services, online activity behavior, and modes of use), improve the service quality of the bank's website, provide customized information or advertisements that meet your needs or interests, and track their effectiveness. Some of the data and visitors' personalized settings will be recorded, accessed and gathered by the Bank itself or through partners (such as Google Analytics) using cookies or other similar technological tools. Online behavior data include the information generated from online behavior when you visit the company website, other websites or social media platforms whether connected with this website or not (including but not limited to your IP address, cookie ID and cookie contents, unique identification codes, domain names, device information, usage time, browser type, language settings, geographic location, operating system, server record, webpage search/browse/click record, modes of use, and information or labels and other similar data obtained by partner companies in their own name by analyzing and collating the above-mentioned data). However, all visitor data are anonymous, and do not involve personal contact information.
    Please be reminded that when you visit or browse other websites and social platforms, the website may collect your data, and you will be bound by the privacy policies of these other websites. If you wish to discontinue the use of cookies or other similar technology tools, you can do so at any time by changing the settings of your browser, installation program, or device. If you choose to deny cookies or other similar technology tools, you might not be able to use some customized services of our website or app, or participate in some online activities.

    1. 六、資料揭露對象:Recipients of Information Disclosure

      In accordance with regulations or after your consent, the Bank, E.SUN FHC, the subsidiaries of E.SUN FHC, financial institutions that participate in the information sharing with E.SUN FHC, and the third-party suppliers of products and services of E.SUN FHC may disclose, refer, or interchangeably use your personal data. However, in order to conform to laws or regulations or investigations by government authorities, the Bank may disclose your personal information to competent authorities, tax authorities, courts, judicial authorities and other authorities which under the law possess the right of investigation, insofar as such information is within the scope required by laws and regulations.
      The aforementioned financial institutions that participate in the information sharing with the Bank will be disclosed separately on our website.

      1. 七、資料變更修改方式:Methods of Information Change

        Should any changes occur to your personal data, you may inform the service centers of the various branches of the Bank to update your data according to the operation procedure of the company. Once we have confirmed and updated your information, we may continue to offer you with our comprehensive range of products and services.

        1. 八、 個人資料權利行使:Exercise of Personal Data Rights

          Unless otherwise restricted by the law, you may make the following requests regarding the personal data gathered, processed, and stored by the Bank, E.SUN FHC, and the subsidiaries of E.SUN FHC:

          (一) 查詢、請求閱覽或製給複製本。
          To enquire, request to view, or request to make a copy.

          (二) 補充或更正。
          Make supplements or corrections.
          (三) 停止蒐集、處理或利用。
          Stop collecting, processing or using.
          (四) 刪除。
          Delete the aforesaid personal information.
          (五) 撤回有關蒐集、處理或利用之同意。
          Withdraw your consent to collecting, processing, or using.
          (六) 請求停止行銷個人資料。
          To stop the company and its subsidiaries from marketing your personal information.
          (七) 限制處理或利用方式。(限歐盟境內之資料主體適用)
          Restrict the methods of processing and using. (Applicable to data subjects in the EU only)
          (八) 請求限制自動決策臺端的個人資料或查詢自動決策所涉之邏輯及可能產生的重大後果。(限歐盟境內之資料主體適用)
          Have the company and its subsidiaries restrict the automatic decision making of your personal information or inquire the logic involved in automatic decision making and the potential major consequences. (Applicable to data subjects in the EU only)
          (九) 請求攜出或移轉個人資料。(限歐盟境內之資料主體適用)
          Have the company and its subsidiaries take out or transfer your personal data. (Applicable to data subjects in the EU only)
          (十) 得向主管機關反應個人資料爭議事項。
          Complaints may be filed to competent authorities for personal data disputes.
        1. 九、顧客權益維護之救濟方式:Protection of Customers' Interests

          If you have any questions or there are any related disputes regarding these measures or the use of your personal data, feel free to contact our Customer Service (0800-30-1313, 02-21821313) or leave messages on our Visitor Message Board for consultation or complaints: ( https://www.esunbank.com.tw/bank/about/services/customer/message-board).

          1. 十、自我保護措施:Self-protection Measures

            請妥善保管您的CA(Certificate Authority)憑證、密碼或任何個人資料,不要將任何個人資料提供給任何人或其他機構。在您使用完本網站所提供的各項服務功能後,請務必記得登出帳戶,若您是與他人共享電腦或使用公用電腦,切記要關閉瀏覽器視窗,以防止他人讀取您的個人資料。
            Please keep your certificate authority (CA), password, and any other personal data safe, and do not provide any personal data to any person or institution. After you finish using the services provided by the website, please log out your account. If you are sharing a computer with others or are using a public computer, please remember to close the browser window to prevent others from accessing your personal data.

          1. 十一、措施之修訂:Amendments of the Measures

            As a response to social or environmental changes, service needs, technology developments and regulation amendments, we will make amendments to the measures and publish on our website as necessary to protect your rights.

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